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“PETER DOES PAY for Paul and Paul does pay for all”.

That is a old-time Ba­jan say­ing and I gine give you a per­fect ex­am­ple.

I had a 100ft heavy-duty ex­ten­sion cord that

I buy at a sale over­seas. A man bor­row it from me to use to drill two holes up by a build­ing he was work­ing on. That was the last time I saw my cord.

Five months later when I asked him about it, he told me some per­son broke into the build­ing and stole it. Now I only found that out by ask­ing him when he gine bring it back. It took him ’bout two years af­ter to pay me for it. Since then I was able to buy a next one.

Hey, a fella I know saw me with it and told me he wanted to bor­row it. I ex­plained to him the is­sues I had with the last one. Well, he said he only wanted it for ’bout half hour, and I could even come and watch him us­ing it if I felt that he ain’t gine bring it back. I tell him no, I ain’t lend­ing it out, so

Peter gine pay for Paul and Paul gine pay for all.

Now last Satur­day morn­ing I home in my bed when I hear a knock­ing. I was a li’l re­luc­tant at first to peep out­side, ’cause I know chances are it gine be some re­li­gious peo­ple com­ing to tell me that if I don’t re­pent now I gine roast in hell­fires, ei­ther that or some­body sell­ing some­thing which I can­not af­ford.

Any­how, I de­cide to peep out, ’cause I stand and re­mem­ber one night I hear a knock­ing, and when I peep out it was my neigh­bour telling me to come and move my car from out the road.

When I look out, my car was com­pletely block­ing the road, cars couldn’t go up or down. This is what hap­pen: it was a piece o’ old car, so dur­ing the night the hand­brake pop out and the car rolled out of the garage and went right ’cross the road block­ing it.

So with all of that in mind, I get up and ease back the cur­tain and peep and see two young ladies in my gallery.

I asked them how I could help them. One of them saw the ex­pres­sion on my face and smile and say, “We ain’t Je­ho­vah Wit­ness, so you could pull back the cur­tain some more”.

Any­how, them tell me that them look­ing for some Christ­mas work and wanted to know if I needed the win­dows clean, house wash down and clean, cur­tains press and put up, Christ­mas tree put up or any­thing so. Well, I tell them no, that things was a li’l tight with me.

But I gine tell you some­thing: I does be real scep­ti­cal ’bout bring­ing peo­ple ’bout in my place to work, and this is why.

One time my madam bring a girl ’bout there to do some clean­ing. ’Bout two years later she saw the girl some­where and the girl came up to her and told her she had a con­fes­sion.

She told my wife that when she was by the house clean­ing she stole some ex­pen­sive mock hair my daugh­ter had ’bout there and a cou­ple other things.

Look, I ain’t know if she was get­ting ready to dead and de­cided to con­fess her sins, but that is the hon­est to good­ness truth.

A next time she bring some­body ’bout there to clean, and when them left I miss a pack of brand new un­der­wear, a pack of hot­dogs, a bot­tle of whiskey and a book. I ain’t say­ing she thief them, but them was there when she came and gone when she left.

So from then I say I ain’t want no­body ’bout here clean­ing. So even though I ad­mired those two young girls’ en­tre­pre­neur­ial spirit, I couldn’t help them. Be­cause as I said from the be­gin­ning, Peter does pay for Paul and Paul does pay for all. See ya.

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