Un­fair things hap­pen­ing ’bout here

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WID ALL the lot o’ stress, in­con­sis­ten­cies, drama and sur­prises dat this new Govern­ment come in tuh power and find and still find­ing all like now so, duh like duh cahn dream tuh start pon noth­ing dat duh promised in the man­i­festo and it ain’t even look like it gine hap­pen any­time soon nei­ther. If ya stop and take a good look at it, ev­ery other week it is some­thing else tuh deal wid, some­thing else tuh un­ravel, some­thing else tuh solve and some­thing else tuh clean up.

I ain’t envy non o’ dem at all

’cause even though the Ba­jan peo­ple know dat it wasn’t dem do­ing, no mat­ter how hard duh try tuh get the prob­lems solved, duh got some peo­ple who gine still cut their tails.

Of course some o’ the young min­is­ters mak­ing a few blun­ders and some o’ dem even fall­ing down pon the job at times but duh got tuh re­mem­ber dat nuh­body ain’t ring dem hands be­hind duh backs nor put dem in a neck­tie and make dem run fuh nuh pub­lic of­fice; it is their choice. Like my mother would say, how­e­vah ya make up ya bed, ya gotta lie down in it.

One o’ the things dat does re­ally bother me and dat I hope this Govern­ment make haste and get sorted out is the wa­ter prob­lem. What I mean is the amount o’ peo­ple duh dis­cov­er­ing re­cently who have been get­ting and us­ing wa­ter free of cost fuh years, evah sin­gle day re­li­giously, wid-out any kinda con­science.

You could imag­ine dat? Dem is un­fair things.

This coun­try got all kinds o’ prob­lems find­ing money tuh pay duh debts and peo­ple still tief­ing from it. A ar­ti­cle I read there in the papers the other day say dat the Bar­ba­dos Wa­ter Au­thor­ity col­lected more than three mil­lion dol­lars from busi­nesses, in­clud­ing ho­tels, res­tau­rants as well as ma­jor res­i­den­tial de­vel­op­ments pon both the South and West

Coast. The ar­ti­cle say dat cor­po­rate Bar­ba­dos was and re­mains the largest debtor.

It say dat the BWA thank the ones who got dis­con­nected and went and paid. Then oth­ers who found duh cheque­books when the BWA teams went tuh dis­con­nect. You could imag­ine dah? The more I read the ar­ti­cle, the more vex I was get­ting, es­pe­cially when I read a part o’ the ar­ti­cle which say dat the BWA teams was busy at a ho­tel which was dis­con­nected fuh non-pay­ment of close tuh $500 000 and was still get­ting wa­ter.


Now you see wha’ I mean­ing when I talk ’bout un­rav­el­ling things ’bout here? These things cahn be fair tuh the coun­try, tuh hon­est, law-abid­ing, hard-work­ing cit­i­zens nor tuh poor pen­sion­ers like me who does be strug­gling tuh make ends meet, which in­cludes pay­ing we wa­ter bill be­fore the truck pull up ’long­side we house and cut off the wa­ter wid-out mercy. These is bigshot peo­ple wid big busi­nesses, big ex­pen­sive cars and, ac­cord­ing tuh the late Jean­nette Layne-clarke, liv­ing large up in the heights and ter­races, who should be gine be­fore the law courts.

Dat is why ya does al­ways hear me say dat I like some o’ the things bout the Amer­i­can sys­tem. Dem does in­ves­ti­gate evah­body, bring evahthing out in pub­lic and any­body could go tuh jail once duh find dem guilty.

Dat is why I know dat Bar­ba­dos could pay off most o’ the money it owe way. The Govern­ment only gotta start in­ves­ti­gat­ing peo­ple and busi­nesses and start tuh haul in the mil­lions o’ dol­lars duh owe the coun­try.

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