I ain’t re­peat­ing 2018

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BOY, LOOKA HOW Christ­mas Day come and gone long ’bout it busi­ness doh nuh? Well, well, well, some peo­ple could talk what­e­vah duh like, but tuh me, it is worth all the hal-a-bul-loo, as peo­ple would say. It is the most won­der­ful time of the year, as the song says.

So now an­other year has come tuh an end and a new one has just be­gun.

This morn­ing, I was by a friend o’ mine and we was talk­ing ’bout the whole Christ­mas sea­son and even rem­i­nisc­ing ’bout how long the sea­son used tuh last and the fun and joy it would bring. It is the same thing I talk ’bout last week when I write ’bout the peo­ple who does cry down Christ­mas.

So a fella was there and she ask him how he spend he Christ­mas. The first thing he said was dat it wasn’t too bad, dat it was al­right. He went on tuh say dat he doan re­ally get car­ried away wid it. My friend start tuh laugh and tell me, doan mind he, that he en­joy it just like any­body else, but some peo­ple does have tuh say some­thing neg­a­tive.

Any­way, Christ­mas 2018 has gone and 2019 is here. I ain’t look­ing back at nut­ten. I ain’t cry­ing ovah all the test­ings, all the tri­als, all the lot o’ hard times and bad times. I ain’t hat­ing nor blam­ing nuh­body fuh nut­ten. I ain’t look­ing back wid any kind o’ re­gret and I ain’t say­ing shoulda, woulda nor coulda.

I ain’t re­peat­ing 2018 ’cause fuh one, I gine be one year older and would be ex­pected tuh see and do things in a more ma­ture way; tuh be wiser. Nuh mat­ter how old

I am or get, I think dat ev­ery sin­gle year should teach ya some­thing more and some­thing dif­fer­ent.

I look­ing for­ward tuh a year of peace and pros­per­ity, a year of hope, a year of less stress fuh the po­lice, be­cause of a drop in the amount of gun vi­o­lence; also fuh more help fuh the farm­ers who work­ing hard ev­ery day only fuh thieves tuh tief duh crops ev­ery night.

Place of learn­ing

I look­ing for­ward tuh a year where men would step up tuh the plate and own up tuh their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and be­come good, re­spon­si­ble and re­li­able fa­thers.

I look­ing for­ward tuh school be­ing a place of learn­ing and fun as op­posed tuh a place of war­fare.

I look­ing for­ward to the crime fight­ers get­ting a break­through and find­ing out how some o’ the guns get­ting into this coun­try and find­ing duh way into the hand of li’l law­less young boys.

I look­ing for­ward tuh this Gov­ern­ment com­ing down ’pon all the peo­ple who tief­ing wa­ter and who owe back taxes. I look­ing for­ward tuh see­ing the em­ploy­ers who take out em­ploy­ees’ money when the week or month come and doan pay in one cent tuh Gov­ern­ment, and the peo­ple who owe the Gov­ern­ment money all the way up in the thou­sands tuh be brought tuh jus­tice.

I look­ing for­ward tuh see­ing Bar­ba­dos rise again and I look­ing for­ward tuh a happy, healthy and pros­per­ous New Year for all Bar­ba­di­ans.

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