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The party pres­i­dent of Druk Phuen­sum Tshogpa and for­mer op­po­si­tion leader, Pema Gyamt­sho in race with for­mer broad­cast jour­nal­ist, Dawa of Druk Nyam­rup Tshogpa for the gen­eral elec­tion from Ch­hoekhor-Tang con­stituency, Bumthang.

Dur­ing the pri­mary elec­tion, Pema Gyamt­sho se­cured 2540 votes com­pared to 921 votes by Dawa. There were 1765 votes through elec­tronic vot­ing ma­chine (EVM) and 775 from postal bal­lots for DPT and 573 votes through elec­tronic vot­ing ma­chine and 348 from postal bal­lot for DNT.

The fi­nal gen­eral elec­tion pub­lic de­bate on Oc­to­ber 9 saw the can­di­dates talk­ing on their pledges and on uniden­ti­fied ac­counts in the so­cial me­dia.

With the open­ing the floor to the can­di­dates, DNT’s can­di­date Dawa talked on the im­por­tance of coun­try’s se­cu­rity and sovereignty, peace and unity among peo­ple and Gross Na­tional Hap­pi­ness (GNH). He said that the party’s pledges of nar­row­ing the gap be­tween the haves and have nots will put GNH phi­los­o­phy in prac­ti­cal.

In­stantly, DPT pres­i­dent, Pema Gyamt­sho asked on the plans and

ideas to put forth the Gross Na­tional Hap­pi­ness in prac­tice.

Re­spond­ing to this, Dawa said that the party has many pledges that lift the ben­e­fits for the com­mon peo­ple. He said that by pro­vid­ing health fa­cil­i­ties like spe­cial­ists, med­i­cal equip­ments and medicines to the ru­ral ar­eas would re­solve the prob­lem of ru­ral peo­ple not able to make the ex­penses to come for check up in ur­ban ar­eas.

On con­trary, DPT pres­i­dent said that health is im­por­tant how­ever, sus­tain­able so­cio-eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment too. “If the economy is not god, we can­not af­ford the health ser­vices.” He added that how the DNT is plan­ning to cure the men­tal ill­ness.

To this, Dawa said that the Ba­sic Health Units across the coun­try are de­prived of the ser­vices and equip­ments like en­doscopy, ul­tra­sound, blood tests and urine tests. He added two par­ties have plan to pro­vide 0.5mn to 0.7mn as gewog de­vel­op­ment grant, how­ever, the cost of four med­i­cal equip­ments would cost about 0.45mn. “If we have healthy body in so­ci­ety, we can im­prove our economy, prac­tice religion and stu­dents can study, or in busi­ness there is op­por­tu­nity,” he added.

The de­bate also saw con­cerns on the uniden­ti­fied ac­counts in the so­cial me­dia at­tack­ing the par­ties and on cre­at­ing dishar­mony in the so­ci­ety. On this is­sue, DPT pres­i­dent said that he felt sad and asked peo­ple not to carry out such ac­tiv­i­ties. He added that the DPT’s pledges are very im­por­tant to im­prove the economy of the coun­try with aim to achieve sel­f­re­liance.

Sim­i­larly, Dawa also shared his con­cerns on crit­i­cism of the par­ties in the groups of wechat, a so­cial me­dia app. More­over, he asked the DPT party pres­i­dent on so­lu­tions on how to tackle these.

Re­spond­ing to this, Pema Gyamt­sho said that be­cause of par­ti­san, peo­ple have be­come di­vi­sive and he urged not to do so. He said that he have never crit­i­cized any party or can­di­date. He added that Elec­tion Com­mis­sion of Bhutan is work­ing in full ca­pac­ity to deal with the uniden­ti­fied ac­counts in so­cial me­dia. How­ever, he said that it de­pends on the in­di­vid­ual’s mind, if we can­not con­trol than it is not pos­si­ble to stop.

Ques­tion­ing on the hy­dropower sus­tain­abil­ity, Dawa asked DPT’s plan to bring up 10000MW by 2030 be­sides pub­lic debt and cost es­ca­la­tion of the hy­dropower projects.

Giv­ing jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, DPT pres­i­dent said that the hy­dropower projects could make coun­try rich in fu­ture. He added that idea is not new but al­ready in prac­tice from the past.

While, asked on the kind of lead­er­ship who as­pires to con­trib­ute to be­com­ing a truly GNH coun­try, Dawa said that due to par­ti­san, there are talks that some peo­ple are asked not to at­tend the party meet­ings. He also added that the vot­ing is not se­cret any­more.

In line to mak­ing Bhutan a truly GNH coun­try, DPT pres­i­dent said that peo­ple should know the four pil­lars and in­di­ca­tors of GNH. He talked on meet­ing peo­ple self­suf­fi­ciency, to pre­serv­ing religion, cul­ture and en­vi­ron­ment.

Shar­ing his opin­ion on con­test­ing in the elec­tion, Dawa said that he par­tic­i­pated for the seat in party not be­cause of the salary or the author­ity how­ever, to give a choice to the peo­ple to vote.

Re­gard­ing the elec­toral le­gal pro­vi­sion be­ing too strin­gent or oth­er­wise, DPT’s pres­i­dent said that it de­pends on the mind­set of the can­di­dates, he added that if the mind is evil than it can­not be mod­i­fied. He said that peo­ple hoped the can­di­dates to work ac­cord­ing to the law and not in line to the cor­rup­tion prac­tices.

DPT’s pres­i­dent said that if there is re­spon­si­bil­ity to vote, it also falls on what ba­sis they vote. He added that the vot­ing by the peo­ple will be based on the party pledges for short term or long term or is it achiev­able or not.

The pres­i­dent also said that for the can­di­dates to get a seat in party it re­quires many doc­u­ments, he said if it is made strin­gent then there would be very less can­di­date in fu­ture. He gives choice to the peo­ple to view both par­ties pledge as im­por­tant or not, or achiev­able or not.

Talk­ing on the party pledges, Dawa said that the party’s pledges are achiev­able. He added that there are about 50000 peo­ple in poverty and de­clares that when the economy of the coun­try de­vel­ops, peo­ple need to get bet­ter too.

DPT’s pres­i­dent said that for the de­vel­op­men­tal ac­tiv­i­ties in the coun­try, it re­quires equal sup­port from the lo­cal gov­ern­ment post hold­ers and civil ser­vants apart from the rul­ing gov­ern­ment. He added that as op­po­si­tion in last five years, they have worked hand in hand with the gov­ern­ment for the well­be­ing of the coun­try.

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