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The new govern­ment un­der the lead­er­ship of Dr. Lo­tay Tsh­er­ing took over the reign of the govern­ment from the 7th of this month. It was just the new be­gin­ning now and with the tak­ing of oath of se­crecy in the pres­ence of Ven­er­a­ble Yon­ten Lopen by the Chief Jus­tice in the Lhengye Zhungt­shog hall the new govern­ment’s com­mit­ment to serve the peo­ple is now be­ing for­mal­ized.

The cab­i­net min­is­ters at­tended the in­au­gu­ral ses­sion of the first ses­sion of the Lhengye Zhungt­shog on the first day of tak­ing their of­fice co­in­cid­ing with the spe­cial Zakar.

His Majesty The King con­ferred Dakyen to the Prime Min­is­ter and the cab­i­net min­is­ters con­firm­ing their post to their of­fices.

The new govern­ment has been very par­tic­u­lar in meet­ing the me­dia on the first day in of­fice and the Prime Min­is­ter in par­tic­u­lar had as­sured that he will end his ten­ure in the same man­ner in 2023. The PM had as­sured the Bhutanese me­dia and the govern­ment must to work to­gether and help each other.

Con­vey­ing the mes­sage from the golden throne, Prime Min­is­ter said that the govern­ment needs to work for the in­ter­est of the coun­try and the peo­ple and not for the in­ter­est of the party.

The Prime Min­is­ter said that the min­is­ters are from the hum­ble back­ground and are com­mit­ted to serve the peo­ple. The min­is­ters have the knowl­edge and com­pe­tency to do so.

Re­fer­ring me­dia as the mir­ror of the Bhutanese so­ci­ety, the Prime Min­is­ter said that if me­dia is good than the govern­ment will be good and if me­dia is bad than the govern­ment will be bad.

The govern­ment has as­sured that the me­dia houses and in­di­vid­ual re­porters will be closely mon­i­tored and would in­sti­tute a com­mit­tee to fol­low-up on the me­dia houses and writ­ers, who will, be rec­og­nized. It has been as­sured that pro­mo­tions or any of­fer may go to those me­dia houses or in­di­vid­ual re­porters who per­form well.

The Prime Min­is­ter urged the me­dia not to bully the govern­ment and work to­gether in smooth func­tion­ing of the Cab­i­net. He said that if me­dia bul­lies the govern­ment than ev­ery­one will be down.

The Prime Min­is­ter as­sured that all the 47 mem­ber of the par­lia­ment will work to­gether ir­re­spec­tive to which party the MP be­longs. He has met with the Op­po­si­tion Leader and pro­posed to work to­gether in the next five years.

The Prime Min­is­ter said to in­form him when he is go­ing wrong, he will lis­ten to it and sup­port the govern­ment when they are do­ing for the in­ter­est of peo­ple and coun­try.

As we set­tle down to work to­gether the govern­ment, the op­po­si­tion and me­dia must work to­gether for the greater in­ter­est of the coun­try.

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