Ju­di­ciary re­ceives 8,577 cases last year with high­est in Thim­phu

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The Ju­di­ciary in 2018 re­ceived 8,577 new cases with 2,367 pend­ing cases from 2017 of which 8,542 cases were de­cided with the high­est reg­is­tered cases of 1,986 in Thim­phu Dzongkhag court.

Thim­phu Dzongkhag court had 2,800 cases in­clud­ing 1,986 new reg­is­tered cases in 2018 and 814 pend­ing cases from 2017. Of the to­tal, the courts de­cided 2,127 cases.

The high­est cases in Thim­phu were reg­is­tered at com­mer­cial bench with 521 new cases fol­lowed by 510 cases at civil bench. The fam­ily and child bench saw 443 new cases while 256 cases each were reg­is­tered at crim­i­nal bench-I and bench-II.

That was re­vealed by the Regis­trar Gen­eral of Supreme Court, Tsh­er­ing Dorji while re­leas­ing the an­nual re­port on 11 Jan­uary in Thim­phu.

The rea­son for some courts hav­ing higher num­ber of reg­is­tered cases, Regis­trar Gen­eral said was be­cause of the pop­u­la­tion size and con­cen­tra­tion of eco­nomic and social ac­tiv­i­ties. He said, “There has been not much cases in­creased in other Dzongkhags.”

Thim­phu has 138,736 per­sons which ac­counts at 19.1 per­cent of the to­tal pop­u­la­tion with 30,672 reg­u­lar house­hold, this is ac­cord­ing to the Hous­ing and Pop­u­la­tion Cen­sus of Bhutan 2017.

Regis­trar Gen­eral said that Thim­phu con­sti­tutes 26 per­cent while Paro Dzongkhag and Phuntshol­ing Drungkhag con­sti­tute seven per­cent each. “Thim­phu, Paro Dzongkhag, and Phuntshol­ing Drungkhag to­gether ac­count for al­most 40 per­cent of to­tal reg­is­tered cases in the coun­try,” he said.

Thim­phu is fol­lowed by Wang­due Pho­drang and Paro Dzongkhag court with 586 and 554 cases re­spec­tively.

While, Wang­due Pho­drang Dzongkhag court had 668 cases in­clud­ing 586 cases new reg­is­tered with 82 pend­ing cases from 2017, the court de­cided 507 cases. Wang­due has 42,186 per­sons and 8,556 reg­u­lar house­holds.

In Paro Dzongkhag court, 554 new cases were reg­is­tered in 2018 and car­ried for­ward 263 cases from 2017 tak­ing the num­ber to 817 cases. The court de­cided 476 cases. Paro has 46,316 per­sons with 10,274 reg­u­lar house­holds.

Among dungkhang court, Phuntshol­ing had the high­est num­ber of reg­is­tered cases with 628 fol­lowed by Gele­phu and Nanglam with 372 and 136 cases re­spec­tively.

Of the to­tal cases in- clud­ing of both new and pend­ing cases, Phuntshol­ing court de­cided 680 cases and Gele­phu court de­cided 364 cases while Nganglam court de­cided 135 cases.

Among the cases, there were 7,310 civil cases reg­is­tered in 2018 of which the mon­e­tary top the list with 3,218 cases which is in­creased by five per­cent as com­pared to 2017.

Of the 1,232 crim­i­nal cases reg­is­tered, as­sault and bat­tery saw the high­est with 366 cases. This is de­creased by 14 per­cent as com­pared to 2017.

There were 475 cases ap­pealed to the High Court at the Larger Bench and three cases were car­ried for­ward from 2017, of which 47 cases were de­cided. Be­sides, 38 cases were ap­pealed to the Supreme Court from the Larger Bench of high court and 24 cases were car­ried out from 2017 while the Supreme Court ad­ju­di­cated 23 cases.

There are 2,402 cases pend­ing be­fore the courts of which 202 cases are pend­ing beyond a year be­cause of un­avoid­able cir­cum­stance such us wait­ing for foren­sic re­ports, sig­na­ture of thumb im­pres­sion ver­i­fi­ca­tion from ex­perts out­side the coun­try, com­plex­i­ties of cases, ab­scond­ing re­spon­dents and dif­fi­culty to trace wit­nesses.

Regis­trar Gen­eral of Supreme Court, Tsh­er­ing Dorji re­leases the ju­di­ciary an­nual re­port 2018 on 11 Jan­uary in Thim­phu

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