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The wild boars fre­quent the maize fields in the vil­lage and some­times dam­age al­most half of the crop.

With maize al­most ready for har­vest, farm­ers can be seen guard­ing their fields at night around this time of the year. De­spite this, a farmer lost al­most a half of his maize crop to the wild boars re­cently.

“We work re­ally hard. We have to hire power tillers, which costs us Nu 2000 per day, to pre­pare the fields for maize plan­ta­tion. We also have to hire work­ers and pay Nu 4000 in charges to them. Af­ter all these hard work, it is sad when the wild boars leave us with very lit­tle to reap,” Langten from Nangkor said.

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