Four points along Indo-Bhutan bor­der in­cluded for Bhutanese ex­port

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Much to the re­lief of Bhutanese ex­porters, the Jaigaon Land Cus­toms Sta­tion in Jaigaon, In­dia has now of­fi­cially in­cluded four bor­der en­try points as le­gal en­try points for Bhutanese agro prod­ucts.

Af­ter dis­cus­sion with the In­dian rep­re­sen­ta­tives in Jaigaon this week, the In­dian Cus­toms of­fi­cials in Jaigaon have de­clared points of Jaigaon near Phuentshol­ing, Chamurchi near Samtse , Hati­sar near Gele­phu and Daranga near Sam­drup Jongkhar as le­gal; which means Bhutanese prod­ucts can now be legally ex­ported through these points.

Af­ter the im­ple­men­ta­tion of Goods and Ser­vice Tax (GST) from July 2017, ex­ports of agro-based prod­ucts from Bhutan to In­dia has be­come il­le­gal with­out quar­an­tine fa­cil­i­ties at these points. The In­dian cus­toms have not ac­cepted to al­low ex­ports from Bhutan. Till then, ex­port was hap­pen­ing with­out of­fi­cial doc­u­ments due to free trade agree­ment. Car­damom ex­port hap­pened with­out of­fi­cial doc­u­ments and il­le­gally with­out hav­ing to de­clare at the cus­toms check points along the Indo Bhutan bor­ders.

How­ever, af­ter GST regime, since all the for­mal­i­ties were to be com­pleted, the In­dian coun­ter­part started ask­ing for doc­u­ments. Car­damom ex­port came to a halt af­ter In­dian au­thor­i­ties have asked for quar­an­tined cer­tifi­cates.

In one case, car­damom weigh­ing one met­ric ton worth around Nu 0.47mn of Bhutan Busi­ness Ex­port Line was re­cently seized in In­dia with­out those cer­tifi­cates. Ear­lier, ex­porters even had to seek cer­ti­fi­ca­tion from Nepal.

How­ever, BAFRA’s Of­fi­cer In-charge in Phuentshol­ing, Phuntsho said the Bhutanese prod­ucts will now meet all their re­quire­ment and ex­port will con­tinue.

“We are com­fort­able with the pa­ram­e­ters set and will is­sue the cer­tifi­cates,” he said, adding that BAFRA will now con­duct sam­ple test­ing at their lab­o­ra­tory in Yusi­pang be­fore ex­port.

Now, Food Safety and Stan­dards Author­ity of In­dia (FSSAI) had set cer­tain pa­ram­e­ters to be tested from BAFRA for the con­sign­ments for ex­port through these points. BAFRA has been is­su­ing quar­an­tine cer­tifi­cates for car­damom till now, which they will be con­tin­u­ing hence­forth. BAFRA has been is­su­ing re­quired cer­tifi­cates, in­clud­ing cer­tifi­cates of phy­tosan­i­tary, fit for hu­man con­sump­tion and cer­tifi­cates as­sur­ing non- ra­dioac­tive prod­ucts for any ex­port to In­dian and Bangladesh.

Also, now other value added prod­ucts like milk and fruit juices too need to be cer­ti­fied by BAFRA while go­ing through these points. Other ex­ports like potato which used to go un­ac­counted will also now have to fol­low due pro­ce­dure by pro­vid­ing three cer­tifi­cates ex­cept for car­damom, ac­cord­ing to Phuntsho. BAFRA has to is­sue three cer­tifi­cates for ex­port of ap­ple and or­ange.

BAFRA has been is­su­ing plant quar­an­tine cer­tifi­cates which can be cross­checked. BAFRA, be­ing a mem­ber agency of Na­tional Plant Pro­tec­tion Con­ven­tion, the In­dian author­ity can coun­tercheck about the quar­an­tined prod­ucts through the sys­tem.

Now, BAFRA has to is­sue plant quar­an­tine cer­tifi­cate and cer­tifi­cates ful­fill­ing the re­quire­ments of FSSAI.

Mean­while, BAFRA has re­ceived a con­sign­ment of car­damom which will be sent for sam­ple test­ing be­fore ex­port­ing. BAFRA will do a sam­ple test for the en­tire sea­son an­nu­ally for a sin­gle prod­uct. The sam­ple will be based for one sea­son.

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