Salty air. Flowing margaritas. Beach sunsets ... and one annoying holiday crasher.

Luisa Edmonds doesn’t have time for bad dates and guys who don’t take life seriously. And she certainly has no time for men like Ed Garcia, a womanising divorcé who parties too hard.

When Luisa is sent to a lavish, all-inclusive resort in Mexico on a marketing project, she’s ecstatic — until she finds out that Ed is the award-winning photographer who has been hand-picked to go with her.

But when she leaves the icy Melbourne winter behind, it’s not just her extremities that begin to thaw. Here, among the golden sands, tropical waters and salty air of Playa del Carmen, Luisa starts to get to know the real Ed — a sweet, animal-loving environmentalist who’s kept his crush on her a secret for years.

And in all honesty, he is damn sexy without a shirt on.

Unfortunately, their relationship would be bad news back in Australia, and Ed is a no-go for Luisa. But as his secrets are slowly uncovered, Luisa finds it harder and harder to ignore her feelings, and she is faced with an ultimatum. Will she jeopardise her future for a steamy, beach holiday fling?

About the author(s)

Gabriella Margo is a Sydney-based author who adores a good romance story with a happily ever after. She believes that love is love, no matter what that may look like.


'I FLEW through this excellent, incredible book. Tightly written, earnest, laugh-out-loud funny' NetGalley review

'This was the first book by Gabriella Margo and it was a great read!' NetGalley Review

'I really enjoyed this and want to read more by this author!' NetGalley Review

'I should have known by the title, but I really felt immersed in the setting of the story' NetGalley Review

'Very sweet and I loved it' NetGalley review

'Absolutely loved this book' Goodreads review

'10 out of 10 would recommend' Goodreads review

'I really liked this book. The setting was done very well. I could hear the waves, feel the sand, and enjoy what a beach resort has to offer' NetGalley Review

'All's Fair in Love and Tequila by Gabriella Margo is the absolute cutest love story. I almost read this book in one entire day, it's that good!' The Kentucky Fried Bibliophile

'The vibes were great and the romance was even better.' Netgalley review

'All's Fair in Love and Tequila is the ideal beach read, and it made me want to book a flight to Mexico!' NetGalley review

'A fun escape!' NetGalley review

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