Back in Rustlers Creek, one cowboy discovers that a lifelong feud could become his forever romance…

Charlotte Wayne has detested Chance Beaumont since the fourth grade. Her bickering with the big, rugged cowboy has become legendary around their small Montana town. But little does anyone know, Charlotte’s animosity masks unspoken feelings… because underneath it all, Chance is the only man who ever truly claimed her heart. 

Chance has spent his whole life in Rustlers Creek, but he’s always been on the outside looking in. He needs to focus on keeping his ranch afloat amid the massive debt left by his late father, and the feelings he harbors for Charlotte don’t make it any easier. She’s ranching royalty and he’s perpetually scrubbing mud off his boots. It’s safer to push her away than hope for something he can never have.

When a business opportunity forces Charlotte and Chance to work together, they share a heated moment in each other’s arms. The simmering attraction they’ve fought for years can no longer be ignored, but will Chance’s doubts stand in the way of their happiness? Or will he finally declare his love and prove to Charlotte that he’s always been her cowboy?

About the author(s)

Addison Fox is a lifelong romance reader, always in search of her next happy-ever-after. Once she discovered she found as much joy writing about romance as she did reading it, she never looked back. Addison lives in New York with an apartment full of books, a laptop rarely out of reach, and a wily beagle who keeps her running. You can reach her at where she always loves to hear from readers.


"Steamy sex scenes... Charlotte’s loyalty, however, is admirable and Chance’s big heart shines through all the drama. It’s a worthy addition to the series." — Publishers Weekly

"Fox launches her Rustlers Creek series with this bittersweet treat... The achingly real characters and their plausible conflicts make it easy for readers to sympathize with both husband and wife, and cheer for them to find a way back to happily ever after, whether that’s together or apart. Few readers will come out of this dry-eyed." — Publishers Weekly on The Cowboy Says Yes