Master Assassin Roshan’s past is revealed, as she joins a hunt along the Silk Road for a powerful lost artifact, in this essential Assassin’s Creed adventure

Cairo, 824 – In the bowels of prison, escape is out of the question. The best Roshan can hope for is a quick death. She certainly doesn’t expect a second chance offered by a cloaked stranger who says Roshan is exactly what they need: Someone who can disappear, who will do what needs to be done, someone expendable… Granted her freedom, Roshan joins a crew of shady figures assembled to steal a mysterious object being transported along the Silk Road towards Persia. Roshan’s otherworldly intuition proves vital as she fights to stay one step ahead of her backstabbing gang and survive the mission. For her employer holds the key to a world she can’t begin to fathom: a world she might have been destined for all along.

About the author(s)

MARIA LEWIS is an award-winning screenwriter, best-selling author and pop culture etymologist. She’s the author of the internationally published Supernatural Sisters series of eight novels, which includes the Aurealis Award-winning The Witch Who Courted Death (Best Fantasy Novel), along with titles for Marvel (Mockingbird: Strike Out), Angry Robot (The Graveyard Shift) and Assassin’s Creed (Mirage: Daughter Of No One). As a screenwriter, she has worked on projects for Netflix, AMC, Ubisoft, DC Comics, SBS, Nickelodeon, ABC and many more. She’s the producer, host and writer of audio AWGIE and Aurealis Award-winning documentaries The Phantom Never Dies – about the first superhero – and Josie and the Podcats – about the 2001 cult film. Her directorial debut The House That Hungers premiered in 2023, based on her award-winning short story of the same name.


"Ultimately, Assassin's Creed Mirage: Daughter of No One is an absolute must-read for any fan of the franchise."

Game Rant, on Daughter of No One

"Maria Lewis’ writing showcases not only her style as a novelist, but also as a screenwriter, providing easy visualization of the action scenes and moments between, making this book truly come to life."

The Ones That Came Before, on Daughter of No One

"Maria Lewis should be commended giving us an enlightening exposition into the background story of Roshan."

Access the Animus, on Daughter of No One

"Lewis’ writing really brings the world to life with a good mix of action and intrigue"

What You Tolkien About, on Daughter of No One