Between Two Wars: A True Crime Collection

Mysterious Disappearances, High-Profile Heists, Baffling Murders, and More (Includes Cases Like H. H. Holmes, the Assassination of President James Garfield, the Kansas City Massacre, and More)


Discover the most fascinating crimes committed between two of the greatest wars ever fought, from America’s first train robbery by the Reno brothers in 1866, to alleged killings at the H. H. Holmes Murder Castle in 1893, to the Rumrich Nazi spy case in 1938, and much more.

The era from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of World War II was a dynamic and evolving time for murderers, thieves, gangsters and more. Train robberies, presidential assassinations, high-profile heists, and serial murders are just a selection of what occurred between the 1860s and the 1930s.

Between Two Wars: A True Crime Collection includes a curated mix of both familiar and less-infamous cases. Tour through the carnage of 1880s Chicago as H.H. Holmes builds his Murder Castle. Learn about the significance of the less famous presidential assassination of the 1800s—of President James Garfield. At the turn of the century, find out why the theft of the Mona Lisa made the piece the famous work of art it is today, and discover the impact of the Black mafia with John “Mushmouth” Johnson, the infamous “Negro Gambling King of Chicago.” The full list of cases includes:

- (1866) The Reno brothers and the first train robbery in America
- (1878) George Leslie, a high society bank robber
- (1881) Assassination of President James Garfield
- (1893) H.H. Holmes Murder Castle and the Columbian Exposition
- (1890s –1907) John “Mushmouth” Johnson, the “Negro Gambling King of Chicago”
- (1911) The theft of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
- (1926) Disappearance of Agatha Christie
- (1933) Kansas City Massacre
- (1938) Rumrich Nazi Spy Case

Written for murderinos, true crime junkies, and history buffs, Between Two Wars reads like you’re having a conversation with a friend or listening to your favorite true crime podcast.

About the author(s)

A recovering lawyer turned journalist, Cheyna Roth has a long-held fascination with crime and its evolution throughout history.

Following a stint as a prosecuting attorney, Cheyna became a journalist in 2016. She started her career as a political reporter for the NPR affiliate, the Michigan Public Radio Network and has been a guest on popular shows such as 1A, Here and Now, and All Things Considered. Cheyna moved on to print for a time as an investigative and environmental journalist for Michigan’s MLive news outlet.

She is now a senior producer for Slate where she is the producer and frequent host of the gender and feminism podcast, The Waves. She also produces other shows for Slate, such as Political Gabfest and has worked on several podcast development projects for Slate.

Cheyna lives in Michigan with her husband and scrappy daughter. She is also the author of Cold Cases: A True Crime Collection, published with Ulysses Press.

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