The funny and relatable new novel and next TikTok sensation from the author of NO HARD FEELINGS, for fans of Coco Mellors, Monica Heisey and Diana Reid


When do you stop starting over? The sparkling new novel from the author of No Hard Feelings.

Getting over someone is not that difficult. All you have to do is focus on every negative thing about them for the rest of your life until you forget to stop actively hoping for their slow and painful death, then get a haircut ...

Serial monogamist Marnie is running late to her own identity crisis. After a decade of twisting herself into different versions of the ideal girlfriend, she's swearing off relationships for good. Forever. Done. No more, no thank you.

Pretty inconvenient time to meet Isaac: certified dreamboat and the only man who has ever truly got her. It's cool, though, they're just friends, he's got someone else, and she has more important things to worry about. Like who she is, what she wants, and what the hell she ever saw in the love(s) of her life in the first place.

Flanked by overwhelmed new mum Nicola, terminally single Claud, and eternal pessimist Kit, Marnie reckons with the question: who are we when we're on our own?

'Crushing stings with truth and aches with hope. I loved it.' Jessica Dettmann

'A sharp, funny and biting exploration of a classic millennial existential crisis ... with some genuine laugh-out-loud moments' Books+Publishing

'A sexy, complex, bittersweet dark chocolate souffle of a book: airily paced, tartly funny, and with a romantic centre that's just gooey enough' Clare Fletcher

'Bingeable, sharply written, and hilarious, Crushing had me hooked from the first page. This book is filled with love, rage, and wisdom, and reading it felt like having a wine with a best friend.' Victoria Brookman, author of Burnt Out

Praise for No Hard Feelings:

'Funny, biting, vulnerable and unflinching, Novak's novel is like an ocean dip: a bit salty, very refreshing' Lauren Sams

'No Hard Feelings is clever, funny and surprisingly sweet, and Penny captured my heart' Toni Jordan

'Wry and witty' Saturday Age

About the author(s)

Genevieve Novak is a writer from Melbourne. She writes character-led romantic comedies, pop culture columns for The Age, digital content, and stilted author biographies.

She loves croissants and her dog, Viktor. She hates being called Gen.

Her debut novel, No Hard Feelings, was published by HarperCollins in 2021. Crushing is her second novel.