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Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders is one of the greatest motivators and inspirational leaders of all time—on the field, in business, with family, and in his community. Now, he delivers the ultimate playbook of inspiring personal stories, winning strategies, and the motivation required to help us “elevate and dominate” in all aspects of our lives.

A natural-born leader, Deion Sanders demands and expects the best from himself and from those around him, never settling for anything less. Whether it’s dealing with intense pressure, using the competition to his advantage, or navigating personal challenges—both physical and emotional—Sanders has conquered it all by applying the hard-earned principles he’s learned throughout his life and career.

The twenty-one inspirational ways to win here are based on the motivational stories and experiences of Sanders’s incredible life, including being raised by a single mother who sacrificed and worked nonstop to support her family, being enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, earning his place as a head coach with a Division I football team, and being a dedicated father of five accomplished children.

His inspirational messages reach far beyond the world of sports because they are based on deep faith, respect for himself and others, and an unflagging commitment to that which he believes in. They are designed to help anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life, whether it be in business and leadership, relationships and partnership, or parenting and family. Through his unique and powerful lens, Coach Prime provides the direction, motivation, and action required for anyone to dominate and win at life.

About the author(s)

Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders has redefined coaching and leadership, most currently at the University of Colorado. As the only player in sports history to play in a Super Bowl and the World Series, he has transformed his athletic prowess and vision into that of an elite-level coach and mentor. Prior to his time in Boulder, he led Jackson State University to two SWAC Championships, receiving SWAC Coach of the Year honors. He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a two-time Super Bowl Champion, and an eight-time Pro Bowler. Coach Prime is a cultural icon, sports legend, innovative coach, successful entrepreneur, and father of five children.

Don Yaeger is a New York Times bestselling author, longtime associate editor at Sports Illustrated, and one of the most in-demand public speakers on the corporate circuit. He is the host of the highly rated Corporate Competitor Podcast. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with his wife and two children. Visit for more information.



"I’ve known Prime since his days in Dallas. I have witnessed the countless wins in his life and his career. Although impressive, it is not that, which has gained my respect and admiration—but rather the losses that I’ve had a front row seat to witness, that through his deep faith and strong will, he has been able to conquer, and as a result, go on to be nothing less than a national treasure."
–Steve Harvey 

“Coach Prime transcends the role of a typical coach, serving as a mentor and life guide to his players. He shapes them into not only skilled athletes but also resilient individuals, ready for life's challenges. His presence offers a blend of inspiration and strength, molding his players into better men, both on and off the field. That’s why we love him.” 
–Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267, 
Million Dollaz Worth of Game

“Oftentimes, legends aren’t appreciated in their prime. It’s when you look back over their work that their greatness is visible. That’s not the case with Deion Sanders. His authenticity is on display. His legacy is being written in front of us. He is 100% unapologetic and that’s inspiring. How often does a black man get to walk boldly and confidently in his gifts? Hardly ever. He has carved out his own path in sports, marketing, and coaching. All of it, backed with his faith in God. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny he’s legendary.”
–Dawn Staley, Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame player and coach

“In every generation, there's a light bearer. Someone who offers hope and is true to who they are, no matter the circumstance or outcome. Coach Prime is that light for this generation. He has never met an obstacle he couldn't overcome, faced a challenge he wasn't ready for, or been afraid to step up when the time came. His light, hope, faith, and authenticity are the hallmarks of a great man. His story, shared here, will change lives for the better. It definitely changed mine.”
 –Eric Thomas, motivational speaker and New York Times bestselling author of You Owe You

“Unc is a blessing to everyone he comes across. That’s just who he is. For me, in my world and in my life right now, he is a father figure. And he’s that to almost everybody he talks to because he’s able to make that kind of real, personal connection with so many people. He’s able to accomplish what for most of us would be impossible.”
–Lil Wayne

“In Elevate and Dominate, Deion Sanders draws from a lifetime of victories and vicissitudes, prosperity and pitfalls, apexes and agonies, and opportunities as well as obstacles. I’ve seen him embody and exemplify these principles on a daily basis. Learn here how to win from an absolute and verifiable winner!”
–Dr. E. Dewey Smith, pastor, author, and executive coach

“He [Deion] has taken tips and tools and tricks from the field and he’s bringing them to our lives. It’s a beautiful book.”
–Kwame Alexander, author and poet