“For the rom-com fans, you can never go wrong with a Julie Tieu book.”

   — Buzzfeed

 Opposites attract when an always-the-bridesmaid florist and a grumpy caterer mix business with pleasure in this swoony romantic comedy in the vein of 27 Dresses from Julie Tieu, author of The Donut Trap and Circling Back to You.

Every single one of Elise Ngo’s close girlfriends—Rebecca, Jesse, and Beth—is getting married within the same few months, and every single one of them has asked her to be both bridesmaid and florist. Though it’s a lot for her to juggle, the work and exposure is a boon to her struggling flower shop.

The stakes are high at Rebecca’s high-profile wedding, where the guests are mostly political connections of Rebecca’s parents. Desperate for the event to go off without a hitch, Elise enlists the help of an outside caterer who turns out to be Ben Yu, Rebecca’s elusive younger brother.

Though Ben is prickly and aloof, he offers Elise much needed business designing flowers for his mom’s campaign fundraisers and Elise begins to see there’s more to Ben than his gruff and handsome exterior. But their romance takes off as the political campaign ramps up, complicating their relationship with unforeseen consequences. Now always-the-bridesmaid Elise must fight for what she wants to finally get her own happily ever after. 

About the author(s)

Julie Tieu is a Chinese American writer, born and raised in Southern California. When she is not writing or working as a college counselor, she is reading, on the hunt for delicious eats, or dreaming about her next travel adventure. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her high school crush husband and two energetic daughters.


“Tieu’s tumultuous but believable plot combines heat and heart, bolstered by a diverse cast readers will want to spend more time with. The close friendship between Elise and Rebecca is an especially nice touch. Tieu should win some new fans with this one.” — Publishers Weekly

“Impactful writing and an endearing voice. Tieu’s (Circling Back to You) rom-com captures the most wistful and beautiful parts of weddings amid the chaos of planning and prep as it celebrates lifelong friendships and flourishing love.” — Library Journal

"Fancy Meeting You Here might be my favorite Julie Tieu romance yet and that's saying a lot because I love Julie Tieu's books. The way Ben and Elise's relationship developed felt so natural and sweet and real, and I was very invested in both their individual futures as they pursued their creative dreams. Rounded out with a hilarious friend group and so many fun and relatable wedding experiences -- this book was a delight from start to finish!"  — Alicia Thompson, bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

“For the rom-com fans, you can never go wrong with a Julie Tieu book.”  — Buzzfeed

"Julie Tieu's writing feels as good as catching up with an old friend. Fancy Meeting You Here is a warm, delightful hug of a romcom with well-developed, relatable main characters and a host of wonderful secondary characters. Join this wedding party and enjoy the ride."  — Jayci Lee, author of Booked On a Feeling

“Julie Tieu’s Fancy Meeting You Here is a beautiful bouquet of a book filled with hilarity, heart, relatable characters, and loads of yearning. The holding-out-hope-for-true-love Elise shines when she’s with her supportive and hilarious friend group, but especially when she allows herself to be vulnerable with her best friend’s elusive brother, Ben. This heartfelt novel celebrates friendships and taking chances on yourself, and shows how people—and love—bloom on their own time.”  — Lauren Kung Jessen, author of Lunar Love

“Tieu’s writing really shines in her explorations of complicated family dynamics—particularly for the American-born children of Chinese refugee parents—and overwhelming post-college ennui. The dialogue between Jasmine and her parents is often funny and sharp, and Tieu tackles their fraught relationships with understanding and warmth. Though Jasmine is desperate to leave Sunshine Donuts, readers will no doubt feel the opposite.” — Kirkus on The Donut Trap

“While the sweet romance between Jasmine and Alex is at the core of The Donut Trap, Jas’s very real family issues give it heart. Jas’s failure to meet her parents’ expectations, her struggles to communicate with them, and the way it impacts not just their relationship but every aspect of her life: these are all major plot points, not just details thrown in for authenticity’s sake. The Donut Trap explores these issues from a place of empathy, and it comes together to create a quick rom-com read with satisfying depth.” — Popsugar

"Donut miss this tasty treat! Julie Tieu is going on my auto-buy list. Her writing is as fresh and warm as a newly baked glazed. You need this book now."
Meg Cabot, author of the Little Bridge Island and Princess Diaries series

"Circling Back to You is the perfect friends to lovers workplace romance. Tieu has created two relatable and complex characters who completely stole my heart. Cadence and Matt's relationship is so realistic, I felt like I was watching two of my best friends fall in love! Tieu delivers a lovely and sweet romance I can't wait to read again and again."  — Falon Ballard, author of Lease on Love

"A sweet romance coupled with a bittersweet examination of what we leave unsaid as adult children, Circling Back to You will delight fans of Tieu’s first book and gain her more enthusiastic readers as her talent continues to grow. Tieu’s sophomore novel establishes her as one of the bright new voices in contemporary romance."  — Elizabeth Everett, author of A Lady's Formula for Love

"The Donut Trap is a fun romance as delicious as a perfectly glazed donut, but beneath the sweet romance, it's also a richly developed story about the diaspora experience and the overwhelming sense of aimlessness that so often comes after graduating college. It's an important coming-of-age story about walking the fine line between forging your own path and not disappointing the parents who have given up everything for you. Expect to cry and laugh, all while craving donuts!" — Jesse Q. Sutanto, Author of Dial A for Aunties

"A charming workplace romance, Tieu's talent lies in imbuing simple, everyday moments with romantic magic. Relatable, down-to-earth, with a strong family side plot and grumpy-sunshine vibes, Circling Back to You is feels like the perfect escape from the work-from-home doldrums". — Alison Cochrun, Author of The Charm Offensive

“Julie Tieu’s debut is a sweet and sparkly love story about figuring out what you really want out of life and having the courage to go for it. Many readers will relate to Jasmine and her post-college struggles as she attempts to find love and a new job outside of her family’s donut shop. I loved her family and the way they supported each other, even when they didn’t always understand each other. This realistic, donut-filled romance is such a treat.”  — Kerry Winfrey, author of Waiting For Tom Hanks

“A sweet treat of a debut. Jasmine grapples with the messiness of her own family’s dilemmas as she balances their wishes against her desires. Can she find love on her own terms and do what it takes to save the day? Donut miss this book!" — Roselle Lim, author of Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop

“This book gave me extreme heart eyes. The Donut Trap explores the post-college doldrums in a real and refreshing way, with a cast of charming characters, a sharp sense of humor, and a romance sweeter than frosting. A delectable debut!” — Rachel Lynn Solomon, author of The Ex Talk

"A sweet, heartfelt romance about following your own path and following your heart. This relatable story is perfect for anyone who's ever felt uncertainty of who they are and where they belong."  — Suzanne Park, Author of Loathe at First Sight and So We Meet Again