Are you ready to embark on an inspiring journey to discover one of the greatest, most overlooked superpowers?

In Generosity Wins, you’ll follow along with aspiring executive Emily Gardner on her quest to discover the superpower—generosity—and to inspire others to embrace it as well.

Written in a business fable style, Generosity Wins blends a page-turning story with an abundance of true-life insights from some of today’s top business and thought leaders.

While Emily is a fictitious character, the highly accomplished people she interviews are very real. The hard-won expertise, wisdom, and abundant science they share with Emily are sure to resonate with you as you navigate your own career and personal life journey.

Along the way you will discover:

  • Why generosity is a superpower and how to use it.
  • Generosity’s role in fostering purpose-fueled happiness, emotional well-being, confidence, and passion.
  • How generosity, with no expectation of return from the recipient, ignites your success.
  • Why generosity will define the next generation of leaders.
  • How the benefits of generosity compound for the giver, the receiver, and communities.
  • Why technology is accelerating the benefits and power of generosity.

Authors Monte Wood and Nicole Roberts passionately believe that generosity is core to who and what it means to be uniquely human. The clear path they chart in these pages begins with one insight; you have the power.

Prepare yourself for radical new perspectives and a profoundly positive impact far greater than you imagined. Be courageous!

About the author(s)

Monte Wood is a business leader. His success formula is simple: help others—employees, customers, and partners—to be successful. Monte built and sold two industry-leading marketing agencies. While CEO of Opus Agency, the company scaled revenues from $4M to over $240M, served thirteen of the twenty most valuable global brands, and was recognized as one of Oregon’s Fastest Growing 100 companies, one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing 5000 companies, and one of Oregon’s Top 50 Best Workplaces. Monte was invited to the White House to meet with President Obama and was recognized as Executive of the Year by the Portland Business Journal. A graduate of Southern Oregon College, Monte is married with four children and lives in Plano, Texas, and Aspen, Colorado.

Nicole F. Roberts, DrPH, MPP, is a doctor of public health with a background in neuroscience. She is the founder of Health & Human Rights Strategies, a healthcare and human rights advisory firm. Dr. Roberts has an extensive background running nonprofit organizations around the world and enjoys doing research that helps make people and communities happier and healthier. She received her master's degree from the University of Chicago and her doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her public health and neuroscience writing appears in numerous magazines and journals, and her talks can be found on various news, sports, and podcast outlets. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and son.

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