• Explains the workings of the spirit world, detailing the process of reincarnation and rebirth, along with key concepts like Incarnation Planning Time, the Life Review process, and the Chatter Mind

• Explores how communication with spirits can help heal physical and emotional trauma, better understand free will and fate, and support your Soul’s divine plan

• Presents spiritual journey work techniques to make contact with your birth spirit guide and work with spirits to break unhealthy habits and addictions

Sharing insights from her more than two decades of experience as a practicing medium and energy healer, Alexandra Leclere presents wisdom from the spirit world on the cycles of death, life after death, and rebirth and reveals how communicating with spirits can help you navigate daily life and support your Soul’s purpose. She explains how the Soul undergoes an Incarnation Planning Time before incarnating in a physical body, agreeing to the karmic responsibility of certain major events and key moments. Once incarnated, the Soul’s communication with the physical body is often clouded by current life events, pain from past-life experiences, and the Chatter Mind, which introduces anxiety and negative thoughts—all of which make it difficult to follow the Soul’s divine plan for this incarnation.

Presenting spiritual Journey Work techniques, Leclere reveals how to clear the negative traumas and memories that are holding you back from happiness and the purpose that compelled your Soul to reincarnate. She explains how to communicate with the spirits of the departed to learn what is predestined for your Soul, what is freely chosen, and how to stay on target with your Soul’s purpose. She shows how to make contact with your birth spirit guide and how to work with spirits to break unhealthy habits and addictions, process grief, heal physical and emotional trauma as well as aid the Souls of departed loved ones as they transition into the beyond. The author also describes the Life Review process that happens after we die, a part of the preparation for our next life and a part of our Soul’s ongoing process of self-development.

Through this practical guide to working with the spirit world, you will discover ways to make the often chaotic experience of life clearer and more fulfilling.

About the author(s)

Alexandra Leclere is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient medium and energy healer with more than 20 years of professional experience. She is the author of the book Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits and also facilitates sweat lodge ceremonies. She lives in New Rochelle, New York.


“Healing Wisdom from the Afterlife is a banquet for the soul! Sharing vulnerable testimony, spiritual insights, moving stories, and compassionate guidance, Alexandra Leclere bravely leads readers into the spiritual world that constantly surrounds us but is usually ignored. Read this book, and you will discover passages that speak directly to your life. I enthusiastically recommend Healing Wisdom from the Afterlife for anyone seeking solace and wisdom.”

“Alexandra Leclere’s Healing Wisdom from the Afterlife is a wise, lovely, and deeply informative addition to the outpouring of modern literature now raising the curtain on the grand stage of the Greater Reality. Rooted in Leclere’s personal and professional experiences, written in accessible language, and amplified by the wisdom acquired through ancient and modern practices, this book helps us decode the workings of our incarnations and discover how best to navigate the ‘pinball machine’ of life on Earth.”

“In her latest book, Healing Wisdom from the Afterlife, Alexandra Leclere impressively presents how to maneuver through life using communication with the spirit world. Using poignant examples drawn from her extensive client list and her personal experiences, she shows how we can make sense of our personal lives, both the good and bad aspects. I encourage everyone to read this book and learn how to understand the journey that life has presented. You may just learn to enjoy the journey you are on.”

“Healing Wisdom from the Afterlife is an empowering and actionable guide to accessing spiritual wisdom within your own life. Through intimate anecdotes, Alexandra shares her insights and illuminates the mechanisms of the path and purpose of spirits. The depth of knowledge it imparts is truly transformative. I highly recommend this thoughtful and enlightening book.”

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