A new edition of Orwell's early work, showing the origins of his commitment to social justice.

A new edition with a new introduction, this is a deeply personal record of Orwell's growing despair and disillusionment with the Spanish Civil War, gathering themes he would later explore to perfection in Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. Having joined the international leftist forces in Barcelona, Orwell grew frustrated by the repressive totalitarianism of Stalin's brand of communism.

About the author(s)

George Orwell, the pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair, was born in Bengal, India, in 1903. He was educated at Eton, became a policeman in Burma but suffered and studied poverty. His great works, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, are a product of his hatred of totalitarianism. His legacy of writing and political thought is much admired today.

Dr. Jaron Murphy is Principal Academic in Communication, Journalism and Literature at Bournemouth University. An award-winning journalist, he holds a DPhil in Literature from the University of Oxford. His scholarship on Orwell includes the chapter ‘Orwell the Journalist’ for the impending Oxford Handbook of George Orwell (OUP).