Discover the secret thoughts of our cheeky yet charming pet cats, with 50 adorable, full-color photos of cats paired with their hilarious commentary.

Ever wonder what devious plan your cat is thinking up next? Or why they insist on meowing at your door at 2 a.m.?

In Let Me Knock That Off the Counter For You, our sweet but sassy feline friends impart their innermost thoughts and snarky reasons for why they walk around like they own the place. Packed with engaging photos and comical snippets of cat insight, this book helps us mere humans better appreciate those moments of happiness (and exasperation) we share with our cats every day.

About the author(s)

Mark Rogers is a San Francisco pet photographer with the uncanny ability to capture the personalities and quirks of his animal subjects. He finds cats particularly fascinating and is pretty sure the internet was invented to distribute amusing videos of them. Mark’s eye-catching, often humorous images of felines, dogs, and other animals appear often in national advertising campaigns and print publications. He’s also previously published several other books, including Thanks for Picking Up My Poop: Everyday Gratitude from Dogs and Canines of San Francisco.

Consistently selected as one of the Bay Area’s top pet photographers, Mark is highly sought by private clients to work with their pets and donates much of his time to animal welfare and rescue groups.

Mark lives with his wife, Anne, his dog, Leeloo, and their cat, the diabolical Jimmy Chew (AKA James), who knows how to annoy each of them and does so frequently. James has reviewed and repeatedly edited sections of this book while sitting on Mark’s keyboard. 

You can see more of Mark’s work at or visit him on Instagram @SF_Dogphotog.

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