Christi Nogle has established herself as a modern Ray Bradbury, this collection adds fantasy, slipstream, and fabulism to her canon.

One Eye Opened in That Other Place collects Christi Nogle’s best weird and fantastical stories. The collection focuses on liminal spaces and the borders between places and states of mind. Though you might not find a traditional portal fantasy here, you will travel across thresholds and arrive at other places and times that are by turns disquieting, terrifying, and wonderful. Get up close with the local flora and fauna, peruse the weird art exhibits and special shows, and consider taking a dip in the mossy, snail-filled tank of water. Make sure to bring your special glasses

This new collection will appeal to readers of Jeff VanderMeer, Charles Wilkinson, Steve Rasnic Tem, M. Rickert, Lynda E. Rucker and Stephen King’s novel Lisey’s Story.

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About the author(s)

Christi Nogle is the author of the Bram Stoker Award winning and Shirley Jackson Award nominated novel Beulah and the collections The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future and Promise. Her short fiction has appeared in many publications. Follow her at and on social media under the username christinogle.


"Christi Nogle’s One Eye Opened in That Other Place takes us on a fantastical, surreal, unflinching journey through the liminal, weird and taboo. It uncovers the desires, obsessions and thoughts we are compelled to keep hidden and serves them to the reader as an exquisite, full bodied banquet of the bizarre. This collection is brimming with the original, courageous, perspective shifting short stories we need."

Suzan Palumbo, World Fantasy Award Finalist

“An utterly mesmerizing and dreamlike collection. Christi Nogle has a gift for conjuring disquieting stories, often bite-sized, of oddities and secrets, inner selves, and lasting mysteries. In One Eye Opened in That Other Place, things are never quite what they seem. Realities transform, veils are lifted, and you are shepherded across unsettling thresholds like dreams half-remembered. Haunting long after you put the collection down. If you’re after atmospheric tales with indescribably dream-logic, you will find no better.”

Sofia Ajram

"Christi Nogle’s collection One Eye Opened in that Other Place slips beneath the skin of the world and taps into the birthing place of dreams. Capturing the strange in the familiar and the familiar in the strange, Nogle’s stories are perfectly tuned glimpses of nightmares and glances at otherworldly beauty, as vivid and as vibrant as beads of glass and gold."

Gordon B. White, Shirley Jackson Award Finalist

“As each story in One Eye Opened in That Other Place unfolds, it replaces reality with a strange dreamlike locale, where characters and details are genuine and familiar, the reader feels at home, but some peculiar aspect awaits. That odd light at the corner of perception or anomalous art piece or shifting sense of self or rousing entire place has been there all along, reshaping all nearby. Christi Nogle’s fiction will entrance, frighten, and bewilder. Take up this collection and begin.”

Andrew S. Fuller

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