Enemies to chocolate lovers.

Sofia Beaumont and Roberto Conti's relationship is only for show - a twisted fairytale manufactured for the Italian tabloids. But when the reclusive chocolatier unites with her family's CEO playboy nemesis their sizzling chemistry is blatantly real. To Sofia's alarm, her faux boyfriend is a seductive wolf in smoking hot sheep's clothing; in Roberto's embrace she's in danger of losing all her senses.

Neither Roberto nor Sofia are prepared for the intense sexual awakening and emotional roller coaster as family loyalty collides with personal desire. Bound by their messy past, love of chocolate and forbidden attraction, the lines between fantasy and reality blur. But as the power of sensory memory unlocks devastating secrets to the past, will their chance at love be forsaken?

About the author(s)

Following a whirlwind romance with a hot-blooded Italian, CHARLOTTE MARIGOLD now finds herself in cosy domesticity with her husband and two young children in Melbourne, Australia. But memories of romantic nights in Italy, those first flutters of blossoming love and the exhilarating ride to happily ever after are far from forgotten. Those moments inspire Charlotte's emotionally driven, passionate stories set in glamorous locations where hot romance and seduction always lead to love.

If you'd like to know more about Charlotte, her books, or to connect with her online, you can visit her webpage or follow her on Twitter @CMarigoldauthor


'a well written, enemies to lovers story' - Netgalley

'The characters were extremely likeable and you're able to feel thestrong connection from the get-go. Definitely a nice read for any chocolatelovers out there.' - Netgalley

'Author Charlotte Marigold wrote a pretty great book. It wassensual. Angry and witty all at the same time.’ -Netgalley Review

‘a great Romance novel’-Netgalley Review

‘The characters were sexy and easy to follow.’ -NetgalleyReview

‘a swoon worthy romance and has a great storyline’ -NetgalleyReview

‘read this in one sitting’ -Netgalley Review

‘I loved the author's description of the countryside. Iloved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommendit.’ -Netgalley Review

‘Beautiful book’ -Netgalley Review

'Fast-paced read with plenty of twists and turns, lots of emotion and great chemistry.' -Netgalley Review

'An enjoyable read" -Netgalley Review

'This book was FANTASTIC!!!... The storyline was captivatingand made you not want to put the book down.' - Netgalley review

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