Evil Is Coming – Worse than You Imagine

About the author(s)

John Daniel Davidson is a senior editor at The Federalist. Over a nearly twenty-year career in journalism, he has written widely for national publications including the Wall Street Journal, National Review, the Guardian, the New York Post, the Claremont Review of Books, and First Things. He has also been a regular guest on many podcasts and radio and television shows, including Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Ingraham Angle, Fox and Friends, NPR, the BBC, and the Megyn Kelly Show. A Texan for many years, he now lives with his family in Alaska.


“If you’ve been consulting politics or economics to explain the moment we’re living in, you’ve been looking in the wrong place. It’s bigger and more fundamental than that. This is what paganism looks like.”
—Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker on X
“It’s become impossible in recent years to deny that we’re living on borrowed time in America. Our freedoms, rights, and entire way of life seem to be up for grabs. Why? In Pagan America, my Federalist colleague John Davidson makes a compelling case that the source of American liberty is the erstwhile Christian faith of its people. In the absence of that faith, we will revert to an older form of society, one in which power alone determines right, and the individual counts for nothing.”
—Mollie Hemingway, editor-in-chief, The Federalist
“John Davidson has written a compelling defense of Christian humanity against pagan cruelty. With a bloody-minded paganism rising once again in the West, this eloquent and learned book will arm the defenders of civilization against the forces of returning barbarism and tyranny.”
—Ryan Williams, president of the Claremont Institute
“As important as policy and politics are in reclaiming this nation, John Davidson reminds us of the most important factor—courage by people of faith. Pagan America is a gripping and persuasive account, not of some future problem, but of what we’re up against right now. This must-read book is the exhortation for Americans to know what’s at stake in our culture, our society, and, yes, our own homes.”
—Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation
“John Davidson is a serious man. He is serious about his faith. He is serious about his freedom, including especially his and other people’s freedom to worship as they please. He sees them in trouble. In this book he relates that trouble to the decline of our willingness to look up to God. He follows Jefferson, that the liberties of a nation find their firm basis in the conviction that they are the gift of God. They are that. John states that great truth powerfully. Our need to understand
it is urgent.”
—Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College
“What is it going to take to wake American Christians up to the soul-killing realities of our post-Christian country? If the electrifying Pagan America doesn’t do it, the church might as well be dead. John Davidson’s detailed, fact-filled report tracks the United States’ accelerating decline into paganism, and obliterates the happy-clappy
illusions that clergy and laity live by to justify their moral cowardice. This is a book for believers unseduced by the false counsel of winsomeness, and who refuse to go gently into the dark night enveloping America’s soul.”
—Rod Dreher, author, The Benedict Option and Live Not by Lies

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