No matter what is thrown their way, true love will endure ... from a USA Today bestselling author.

I can't do this. I can't go through with it.

Moments from the altar, dressed in an ugly wedding dress that is the least of her problems, Jenna Sinclair has a moment of clarity. For weeks she's been living in a fog, trying to piece together her life after the accident that almost killed her. Believing, all the while, that she has no other option but to proceed with a marriage to a man she doesn't love. Now she finds herself torn between her trust in family and the attraction she feels for a man who's a complete stranger. But if she doesn't even know who she really is, how can she know if she can trust the stranger who is claiming her as his?

'Stop! This wedding is not taking place!'

Max Bennett has only ever loved one woman: Jenna. Time after time her family has ripped them apart but now, when Jenna's life is in danger and she needs him the most, there's not a chance in hell he'll let her go. All he needs to do is reignite the love she once had for him ... which means keeping a secret that could destroy her trust.

With danger stalking them, can Jenna and Max find their way back to each other before it's too late?

About the author(s)

USA Today bestselling author Alyssa J. Montgomery lives with her husband and three children on a five-acre property nestled into a mountain range south of Sydney, Australia, and enjoys having the space for gardens, a dog, horses, goats and chickens. Visits from the native wildlife (echidnas, wallabies and a variety of native birds) are particularly welcome ... although visits from native wildlife with scales and fangs aren't met with quite as much enthusiasm!

She continues to work in her private practice as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Previously she's done a stint with Qantas Airways as an international flight attendant, completed her Master of Science degree, and has also been a professional pianist.

If you'd like to know more about Alyssa, her books, or to connect with her online, you can visit her webpage:

Follow her on Twitter: @Alyssaromance or like her Facebook page:


'Alyssa draws you inone word at a time until you are seduced by the stranger and are desperate tohear his every secret no matter the cost.' - Netgalley Review

'The reader got torediscover the love between these two characters right there along with them...this is a really good read.' - Netgalley Review

'This is the type ofstory, that grips you and squeezes your heart. Theintensity of confusion and dread rolls off the page and you can almost feel it.' - Netgalley Review

'A very interesting plot with excellent writing. I really liked the characters and liked how the book ended.' Netgalley review

'If your looking for mesmerising, pulse racing, page flipping and entertaining story then you have found it.' Netgalley review

'I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.' Netgalley review

'This was a good amnesia, second chance at love story.' Netgalley review

'This was a great story and great plot. I had to go back and read everything by this author. Loved it!!' Netgalley review

' This sexy contemporary romance is fast paced and with fraud and attempts on Jenna’s life to keep things interesting it became a bit of a page turner for me.' Netgalley review

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