Self-Care for Latinas

100+ Ways to Prioritize & Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, & Spirit


“Gifting the girlies this book could seriously help them elevate their well-being and life.” —Refinery29

“The self-help book Latinas have been waiting for. The ultimate reminder for us all to make time to better our lives, joy, and self-care routines.” —Hip Latina

Prioritize your well-being with more than 100 exercises designed specifically to help Latinas revitalize their outlook on life, improve their mental health, eliminate stress, and self-advocate.

Between micro- and macro-aggressions at school, the workplace, and even the grocery store, a constant news cycle highlighting Latine trauma, and a general lack of resources for women of color, it’s tough to be a Latina woman and prioritize your wellness, both physically and mentally.

With Self-Care for Latinas, you’ll find more than 100 exercises to radically choose to put yourself first. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day, you’re working through feelings of burnout, or you need to process a microaggression, this book is for you.

In a world that works to devalue Latinas, it’s time to make the radical decision to prioritize you: your life, your joy, and your self-care.

About the author(s)

Raquel Reichard is an award-winning journalist and editor whose work has appeared on The New York Times, Refinery29CosmopolitanBustle, Well + GoodTeen Vogue, and other major news and lifestyle outlets. Based in Orlando, Florida, her writing and reporting covers Latine body politics, culture, and music, exploring themes of wellness, bodily autonomy, colonialism, and diasporic belonging. Raquel is passionate about creating media and spaces where Latinas and women of color feel represented, heard, affirmed, and held. In addition to her writing, she founded Borilando, an arts, culture, and education nonprofit serving Puerto Ricans in Central Florida, and she leads a monthly brunch for Latinas in media. Born in Queens, New York, and raised in East Orlando with her Puerto Rican parents and older brother, she enjoys singing to Taylor Swift, dancing to Bad Bunny and Frankie Ruiz, watching rom-coms, and hanging out with her nephew and niece. Learn more at


"Gifting the girlies this book could seriously help them elevate their wellbeing and life."


"Breaks through the surface of commercialized self-care and addresses the deeper issues at play...Reichard's book offers tangible tools to begin strengthening your relationship with your body."

We All Grow Latina

"A profound reminder that we get to make different decisions."

We All Grow Latina

"Offers a lot more than meets the eye. Not only is it a guide with various self-care tips, it also offers important systemic context to the traumas that commonly plague Latinas."

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