A detective, supernatural mystery for fans of Kelley Armstrong and Rachel Caine, with elements of Nick Cutter’s The Deep and Stephen King’s Firestarter.

After the loss of her husband under mysterious circumstances, former Detective Cam Ambrose learns how little she truly knew him. Reeling with the grief of her loss and the realization that the man she loved was a stranger, she must learn how to keep her young daughter safe from a world of the supernatural she never knew existed. With the help of her best friend Dimi and reclusive neighbor Eric Morgan, she sets out to solve a decades-old mystery entangling the machinations of an obsessed killer, her husband’s mistress, and a series of deadly hauntings.

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About the author(s)

Laurel Hightower lives in Lexington, Kentucky, the land of horses and bourbon, with her husband, son, and a rescue Pitbull. She is the author of Whispers in the Dark, Crossroads, and Below, and has more than a dozen short fiction stories in print.


'Silent Key is one hell of a read. In this masterful melding of multiple genres, Hightower weaves mystery and espionage into a stellar twist on the ghost story. This book deserves to make it into every airport bookshop and supermarket spinner rack. Laurel Hightower is one to watch!'

Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Road of Bones and All Hallows

'Leave it to Laurel Hightower to skillfully blend crime, heart and horror with the deftness of an artisan at the top of their game. A hard-boiled thriller from start to finish with a killer ending. Do not miss this one.'

Robert P. Ottone, author of The Vile Thing We Created and the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel The Triangle

'I’m convinced that everything Hightower writes is designed to emotionally destroy readers, and Silent Key is no exception. This book is a harrowing character study wrapped in a paranormal mystery that’s guaranteed to have you desperate (and afraid) to turn the page.'

Caitlin Marceau, Award-winning author of This Is Where We Talk Things Out

'Intense. Terrifying. Heartfelt. With Silent Key, Laurel Hightower perfects her unique blend of ghostly horror with the technical prowess of a crime thriller. This novel will pull you into its depths and drown you in its mystery. Don't miss it.'

Todd Keisling, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Devil’s Creek