The only guide you need to prepare for the dangerous effects of climate change.

The world has changed, and impacts of global warming means weather events like extreme heat, wildfires, hurricanes, and droughts are now being felt by all of us. We can ignore climate change no longer and must prepare ourselves to survive in new conditions.

The key to surviving extreme weather events is to understand them from a practical perspective and then plan and execute tactical responses. In Surviving Extreme Weather, Mykel Hawke, a renowned survivalist and bestselling author of Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook and Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual, and British meteorologist Jim N. R. Dale, share their expert knowledge and personal experiences while offering valuable insights into the science behind our new weather and how to apply situational awareness, preparedness, and psychology to survive.

Surviving Extreme Weather: The Complete Climate Change Preparedness Manual is categorized by elements—fire, water, wind, and earth—events are explained with recommendations anyone can follow to protect themselves and their family, and to minimize the risks of damage to life and property. Included are lists of items every person, home, business, and vehicle should always stock, such as: first aid kits, afflictions, and applications; emerging technologies to help protect against different weather phenomena; structural and landscape precautions and improvements; philosophies to help family, friends, and neighbors get through any environmental ordeal.


"Surviving Extreme Weather is an important book...Not only does it teach important individual survival techniques, it also teaches how to enable your family, your neighbors, your community to survive extreme events...Even with my experience I learned a great deal from this extraordinary book. So can you. Surviving Extreme Weather can help you to save your life and the lives of your loved ones."
—James Morgan Ayres, author of The Tao of Survival, educator, and Special Forces veteran

"Mr. Dale is an experienced educator and informer. His knowledge and steadfast pursuit of the truths of global warming trends make him the perfect guide to the various calamities in our changing world.”
—Larry Cosgrove, Chief Meteorologist, WEATHERAmerica
"It's been a long time coming ... and it's still coming. The hottest year on record is followed a year later by the new hottest year on record. We live in a proliferation of floods, earthquakes, and another month of hundred degree weather. It's going to be rough and people will die. Hopefully not you though, if you read this book and pay attention. Mykel Hawke and Jim Dale give you the coping strategies that mean survival in the age of climate change."
—Jim Morris, author of The Dreaming Circus and The Guerrilla Trilogy

“When it comes to all things weather and climate related, Jim is reliably the go-to meteorologist. In a world of misinformation, Jim is great at explaining the facts about what’s happening weatherwise in a way even us non-experts can understand.”  
—Anna Cunningham, international journalist and news presenter
“Jim’s narrative is a revelation for climate science enthusiasts like me. With a deep understanding of data and a passion for the field, he guides readers towards accepting the reality of climate change and taking appropriate action. It’s an essential survival guide for our changing world and a catalyst for positive change.”  
Maise Paddon, CEO, Sustainable Voices, and environmental professional

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