Two people. One life-changing connection.

‘At times joyful and funny, at others heartbreaking, The Lifeline is an honest yet hopeful exploration of love, loneliness and the power of connection. Captivating, romantic and real – I loved it.’

Holly Miller

‘I'll read anything Tom Ellen writes, but The Lifeline is particularly special. This is a sharp and swoony romcom with deft undercurrents of more serious topics such as grief, remorse, and the important of being truly seen, listened to, and understood by those we love. I loved it.’

Holly Bourne

Will is sleepwalking through life. He works a dead-end job and volunteers at an anonymous crisis line to avoid facing his own problems.

Annie is sure she has her five-year plan all worked out. But when things start falling apart, she just needs someone who will listen…

They’re practically strangers but soon Will and Annie rely on their regular phone calls, challenging each other to be brave and rebuild their lives.

They’ve found connection in the most unlikely of places but is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met?


'A modern-day Sleepless in Seattle. . .captivating' Press & Journal