An in-depth guide to blending the practice of yoga with cannabis

• Examines the physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic effects of cannabis and yoga, including their effects on the nervous system and chakras

• Explains how yoga practice offers a way to tune the human nervous system and how, through the endocannabinoid system, cannabis harmonizes a multitude of functions, from respiration to pain control, in ways that enhance yoga

• Offers an illustrated sequence of cannabis-yoga asanas (postures) developed to awaken kundalini, open energy channels, accelerate healing, and unlock access to unbounded states of consciousness

In India, both yoga and cannabis are considered gifts from the Hindu god Shiva. They are seen as twin currents of wisdom and enlightenment, allies for healing and consciousness expansion. As ethnobotanist and yogi Chris Kilham explains, when wisely and thoughtfully combined, cannabis and yoga offer profound benefits for body, mind, and spirit. Kilham examines the history and lore of both cannabis and yoga, with a special focus on the role of cannabis in Indian and Himalayan yoga traditions where it has been used for thousands of years. He investigates cannabis and yoga’s effects on the chakras and energy body and how they assist in opening energy channels and awakening kundalini energy. He explains how yoga practice offers a way to tune the human nervous system and how, through the endocannabinoid system, cannabis harmonizes a multitude of functions, from respiration to pain control, in ways that enhance yoga. He looks at the effects of both THC and CBD as well as the different methods of consuming cannabis, with advice on selecting the right method for your yoga practice.

In addition to instructions for breathwork and cannabis meditation practices, Kilham offers an illustrated guide to his own system of cannabis yoga, a sequence of asanas (postures) developed to arouse the kundalini, open up energy channels throughout your body, and unlock access to unbounded states of consciousness. Sharing his experiences combining yoga and cannabis around the world, the author shows that the fusion of cannabis and yoga dissolves the boundaries of the mind, accelerates healing, and imparts a greater understanding of the intrinsic unity of all things.

About the author(s)

Christopher S. Kilham has taught yoga, meditation, and natural health since 1978. Known for his appearances as the Medicine Hunter on the Dr. Oz Show, CNN Health, and FOX News Health, he has conducted medicinal research in more than 30 countries across 5 continents and the South Pacific. The author of many articles and several books, including Hot Plants, The Five Tibetans, Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise, and The Whole Food Bible, he lives in Leverett, Massachusetts.

Robyn Griggs Lawrence is the author of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook


“Wise, reverent, and enlightening, The Lotus and the Bud expresses the joy, peace, and deep satisfaction that await those who commit wholeheartedly to the practice of cannabis-infused yoga.”--

“It is high time someone wrote a book acknowledging the sacred relationship between cannabis and yoga. This is that book! Chris is one of the coolest people I know and one of the most sincere with his practice of both yoga and cannabis. In the yogic tradition Shiva, the maha (great) yogi, uses the sacred plant in his meditations to accelerate awareness and healing. Chris’s book details both the history of the cannabis plant and the role of it in yogic practices in a clear, relatable way. The Lotus and the Bud is a relevant, enjoyable read for those who are curious about cannabis consciousness and yoga practice. A must-read!”

“Chris Kilham’s masterfully crafted book is a must for anyone interested in the deep mysteries of yoga and cannabis. His thorough explanations about the long lineage of yoga and cannabis are enveloped in delightful anecdotes that both seduce and inform the reader. His easy demeanor is buttressed by a wealth of knowledge and investigative narrative. A beautiful read for those who seek to discover their inner world between the breaths and the puffs.”

“Chris Kilham is a gentle, grateful, romantic, gigantic genius. His heart loves sharing the comforting knowledge gained in touring planet Earth and the Universe while naturally practicing yoga. His experiences and enthusiasm are welcome joys to all spirited souls who know about existing in a state of bliss. Get yourself cozy, hold on to your hat, and enjoy flying beside Chris’s psychonautic mind with his newest, most delightful book focused on always living in enlightenment: The Lotus and the Bud.”

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