Christmas meets billionaire romance with a touch of suspense, from USA Today bestselling author Alyssa J. Montgomery.

'This year, you'll have to help create your own Christmas magic.'

Billionaire Jack Mancini has pulled himself up out of the worst circumstances to become a self-made CEO. The one thing Jack can't face is Christmas. Carols, Christmas trees and cheer only remind him of his dark past. But when he's asked to stay in London for Christmas by the only person who understands his pain, Jack's fierce loyalty demands that he agree.

Ever since tragedy struck, Grace Robertson has done everything she can to give her younger brother the life he deserves, ignoring her own passions to focus on her housecleaning business. The two things Grace lets herself indulge in? Fantasising about her handsome employer Jack and playing his beautiful grand piano when she's finished cleaning his house. When Grace is caught playing the piano, the last thing she expects is for the man of her fantasies to offer her everything she's ever wanted.

But even as the line between fiction and reality blurs, it seems that the darkness that haunts Jack is inescapable. If only Jack would let in just a little bit of Christmas magic...

About the author(s)

USA Today bestselling author Alyssa J. Montgomery lives with her husband and three children on a five-acre property nestled into a mountain range south of Sydney, Australia, and enjoys having the space for gardens, a dog, horses, goats and chickens. Visits from the native wildlife (echidnas, wallabies and a variety of native birds) are particularly welcome ... although visits from native wildlife with scales and fangs aren't met with quite as much enthusiasm!

She continues to work in her private practice as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Previously she's done a stint with Qantas Airways as an international flight attendant, completed her Master of Science degree, and has also been a professional pianist.

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'A lovely romantic Christmas read.' - Netgalley review

'The Magic of Christmas, by Alyssa Montgomery was everything you could ask for in a romance novel.' Netgalley review

'The story takes us on such a powerful journey. I literately couldn't put this book down. Extremely well written, I felt like I was right there in the book with them. Love it!' Netgalley review

'The Magic of Christmas is my first read by Alyssa Montgomery, and what a wonderful example of the festive season and the intense emotions it evokes in each and every human being.' Netgalley review

'This is a delightful story that is everything a romance reader could want with the added bonus of a festive theme. I look forward to reading more by this author.' Netgalley review

'The author, Alyssa, does a wonderful job at intertwining the lives ofthe characters and making them both realistic and likable. She describes thesettings and characters wonderfully' -The Wacky Writer

'I like this book very much.' Netgalley review

'In all I did enjoy the book and it’s definitely worth the read.' Netgalley review

'There is action, excitement and of course, a healthy dose of romance in this Christmas story. There's even a little appearance from a character that may or may not be one of Santa's little helpers. It's a good festive read that will start to get you in the mood for the coming Christmas season.' Netgalley review

'The Magic of Christmas, is my first read by this author and what a wonderful read it is. Good characters and an engaging, thought provoking storyline, I will definitely be looking to read more and recommend you grab your copy.' Netgalley review

'The author has a great way to keep you interested, her speed and flow of this story was just right as it is full of great characters with many issues to unfold. It was full of secrets, mistakes, chemistry, grief, joy, self-discovery, lust but most of all Love.' Netgalley review

'What a lovely and sweet story from Alyssa. It is so romantic and i can practically feel the love and spark. what a great writer.' Netgalley review

'Alyssa J. Montgomery crafts a charming romance centered around the Christmas season.' Netgalley review

'Sweetly thrilling, action packed and engaging holiday adventure filled with exciting charters, memorable dialog, heart racing twists and undeniable passion...... a thrilling read from beginning to end. Loved this highly entertaining read.' Netgalley review

'What a fabulous Christmas story filled with such love and joy as two wounded people find their way to happiness, not an easy task with what Jack and Grace had been through, I thoroughly enjoyed this story that left me feeling very happy.

Jack Mancini is a billionaire CEO, self- made he is known for his one night stands, after a terrible childhood he is not overly keen on making friends as he is worried he will let them down and Christmas time brings back some very bad memories for him, an accidental meeting in a street sends him home early one day and such beautiful music meets him as he enters his home and the woman at the piano sends his heart flying.

Grace Robertson has struggled with a few things in her life and tragedy being one of them she now runs a cleaning business and makes ends meet but music and playing the piano has always been special to her and even though she knows that using her employers piano should not be happening she is drawn to it and when Jack Mancini comes home and finds her playing, she is drawn to this man.

When Jack asks Grace to be his fake girlfriend he is determined that she will not fall in love with him he will only end up hurting her, but the sensual pull is too hard to ignore and Grace is so strong and loving, beautiful on the inside as well as the outside can she get through to Jack and make him realize that he is worth loving he can be hard to convince. A beautifully written story with just the right amount of magic in it, thank you MS Montgomery this is one that I highly recommend.' - Netgalley Review

'The Magic ofChristmas by Alyssa J. Montgomery is an engaging book that kept me turningpages just as quickly as possible. I enjoyed the storyline and I enjoyed watching Jack and Grace's relationshipunfold. Overall this was a heartwarming read and I highly recommend it.' - Netgalley Review

'It was a prettygood story that was quick to read. I recommend.' - Netgalley Review

“I enjoyed this light and romantic Christmas romance. It was exactly what I was looking for” - NetGalley review

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