The dramatic story of the new king’s evolution over the past year from Prince of Wales to King Charles III, from one of the most acclaimed royal biographers writing today.

No British monarch has had a tougher act to follow.

Now, after seventy years of waiting and preparation, King Charles III is not just the head of the most famous family in the world. He is the custodian of a thousand-year-old institution which must redefine its place in the digital age while others insist on rewriting the past. With unrivaled access to the king, the royal family, and the court, leading royal authority Robert Hardman brings us the inside story on the most pivotal and challenging year for the monarchy in living memory.

From the death of Elizabeth II through to the ancient spectacle of the Coronation, from the rise of a new Prince and Princess of Wales to the latest "truth bombs" from the Sussexes, this is the story of the making of a monarch.

About the author(s)

Robert Hardman is the author of Queen of Our Times;  Her Majesty; and Queen of the World, all available from Pegasus Books. He is a leading author, commentator, and film-maker on royal life in Britain. Robert writes for the Daily Mail in London, where he lives.


"A stunning, intimate recapitulation of the king’s first year. Readers are treated to a fast-paced inside view of royal life’s intricacies. With Mr. Hardman’s sources and experience––he interviewed the king several times when Charles turned 60 and produced a BBC documentary on the king’s first year––The Making of a King is an up-close-and-personal look at a world most readers will never directly experience."

The Washington Times

“He did it with Elizabeth II and now he has done it again with Charles III. Robert Hardman is the unsurpassed grand master when it comes to the inside story of the modern monarchy. Full of surprises and glorious detail.”

Andrew Roberts, New York Times bestselling author of Napoleon

"Robert Hardman's new biography takes us inside the first year of Charles's reign. A can't miss book for royal watchers."

Town & Country

“A superb, fascinating account of the new King, his court and the first year of his reign,  elegantly written, deeply researched, impeccably sourced and filled with scoops and new details by the most authoritative of royal historians writing today. This is the definitive book.”

Simon Sebag Montefiore, bestselling author of The Romanovs

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