The Saltwater Highway

One Man's Journey through the International Dry Bulk Maritime Market


A captivating and informative portrait of the business of maritime dry bulk shipping.

According to the International Chamber of Shipping, a global trade organization representing 80 percent of the world’s national shipowner organizations, 90 percent of world trade moves via the oceans—yet very few people know much about the maritime shipping industry. The Saltwater Highway aims to remedy that.

Anthony Whitworth’s travels and experiences throughout the world have given him a unique perspective on how goods move around the globe on the high seas. From the time he was a young voyage accountant in Fednav, one of Canada’s largest maritime companies, Whitworth has been captivated by this fascinating, complex, multi-faceted industry.

With close to five decades primarily in the dry bulk sector of global transport, Whitworth has seen the industry grow and change to meet the challenges of supplying the world with raw materials. From the great shipyards of Asia to the high-stakes finances of some of the largest corporations in the industry, to the ongoing efforts to combat climate change, The Saltwater Highway highlights Whitworth’s career as it follows the evolution of modern maritime shipping.

Based on personal experiences and an in-depth knowledge of how this invaluable trade works, travel along the Saltwater Highway to such far-flung places as the Arctic Circle, the upper regions of the River Plate, the shores of western Scotland, and various capital cities of the world including London, Moscow, and Beijing to meet some of the people who shaped this business and to discover how maritime transportation impacts our daily lives.

About the author(s)

ANTHONY R. WHITWORTH, a graduate of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, served as CEO of the Navios Group, from 1999 through 2005 and is currently the co-managing partner of Sea Trade Holdings. He continues to keep a close eye on all facets of the maritime industry and divides his time between homes in Connecticut and Quebec.

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