A Toronto homicide detective is attacked at his doorstep when his investigation into possible links between the Nazi occupation of Italy and the murder of his brother decades later gets too close to the truth—in the new crime thriller from bestselling author Robert Rotenberg. Perfect for fans of Scott Turow and David Baldacci.

It’s been years since Daniel Kennicott’s brother, Michael, was shot and killed the night before he was about to depart for Gubbio, Italy. The case, never solved, has haunted Daniel ever since. Long suspecting the killing was tied to Michael’s planned trip but overwhelmed with grief, Daniel has put off going there—until now, the tenth anniversary of the murder.

As he’s about to leave, Daniel learns that his two mentors, detectives Ari Greene and Nora Bering, have been more involved in the investigation of Michael’s murder than he ever knew. And they’re concerned about Daniel’s safety. But why? Is Daniel risking his life—and those of others—by trying to uncover the truth?

When Daniel arrives in the bucolic Italian hill town, he learns the past has not been put to rest. Residents are still haunted by the brutal Nazi occupation, the brave acts of the local freedom fighters, and the swift savagery of German retribution.

And as Daniel delves into his family’s deadly connection to Gubbio, Ari Greene searches for a killer closer to home.

Inspired by the true story of the Forty Martyrs in Gubbio, Italy, during World War II, What We Buried is an extraordinary crime novel about troubled legacies, revenge, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

About the author(s)

Robert Rotenberg is the author of several bestselling novels, including Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, Stray Bullets, Stranglehold, Heart of the City, Downfall, and What We Buried. He is a criminal lawyer in Toronto with his firm Rotenberg Shidlowski Jesin. He is also a television screenwriter and a writing teacher. Visit him at or follow him on X @RobertRotenberg.


“For the first time, author Robert Rotenberg leaves his native Toronto for an ancient Italian town with a truly terrifying past to dig into three unsolved murders. The suspense starts on page one of What We Buried and never lets up.”
BONNIE FULLER, award-winning journalist and former editor in chief of Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, HollywoodLife, USWeekly, and Flare

“With unflinching empathy, [Rotenberg] masterfully uncoils the strands of two mysteries as his detective heroes unearth devastating secrets that span continents and generations.”
BARBARA KYLE, author of The Deadly Trade

“This gripping crime story in the Ari Greene series takes readers from Toronto to the quaint cafes and landscapes of Italy. All the elements that have made Rotenberg’s previous novels so successful are here: an intricate plot, captivating characters, excellent dialogue, and descriptions that perfectly capture the scene…[A] compelling tale of generational tragedy.”
SCOTT COREY, author of Elephants in Paris

“Well worth the wait. What We Buried takes us on a deep and complicated journey, solving puzzles that have mystified Rotenberg’s characters and readers throughout his engaging series…Sharp and masterfully written, this is storytelling at its best.”
DAVID ISRAELSON, journalist and author