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BPF crumbles

Butale, planning defection to BDP BPF NEC hatches plan to clamp on the President

- Nicholas Mokwena BG reporter

It is crumble time at Botswana Patriotic Front ( BPF) as the plot thickens to remove the party leader Biggie Butale, Botswana Guardian has learnt.

Butale who is facing allegation­s of sexual assault from a youthful party member, is being accused by some members of the National Executive Committee ( NEC) of being on a mission to destroy the party by feeding its membership falsehoods about the party leadership.

The NEC has allegedly set another trap for Butale by planting its intelligen­ce at the meetings in yet another strategy to remove him.

News coming from the party corridors suggest that Butale is holding secret meetings to discredit the party leadership at the same time recruiting some of the party members to defect with him to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party ( BDP).

He is said to have vowed to destroy the BPF because he is the one who built it and made it what it is today before people hijacked it from him. Butale is said to have had his first meeting last week Saturday in Mahalapye East under the Central East Region.

It is alleged that BDP President Mokgweetsi Masisi has lured the out in the cold BPF leader to return to the BDP. While many believe that Butale and Masisi cannot get back together, others argue that there are no permanent enemies in politics and anything is possible.

Sources revealed that Butale is scheduled to hold another meeting in Shoshong today ( Friday) as part of his country tour in an attempt to clear his name and recruit BPF members to rally behind him and defect with him.

The Shoshong meeting which falls under the Central Region is said to have already caused a stir as the party is also scheduled to have a constituen­cy meeting on Saturday.

A dark cloud started hanging over Butale’s head mid last year when bickering and backstabbi­ng found its way into the NEC of the party that shocked many when within four months of formation it managed to win three parliament­ary seats and 16 council seats.

There were accusation­s that Butale has for long failed to account especially on party funds and merchandis­e.

The NEC which has been after the party leader is said to have planted its loyalists to track any misdeeds by the president and report back. Butale now seems to have fallen again in the NEC’s trap by holding the meetings.

Botswana Guardian has establishe­d that the NEC was expected to hold a meeting this week Thursday ( yesterday) to come up with a strategic plan to counter the party leader. This is because according to the party constituti­on, the NEC cannot remove Butale from the presidency.

Contacted for comment Butale refuted claims of holding meetings and planning to destroy the party. “It is a blatant lie. I remain the President of the BPF until a competent body such as a congress decides otherwise,” Butale lashed out.

BPF Publicity Secretary Lawrence Ookeditse confirmed knowledge of the meetings that are being held by the President.

He said they have observed activities that are counter revolution­ary from the president. He said their hope was that Butale would correct his errors. According to Ookeditse the president knows that whatever happened was not a witch- hunt.

“There are certain ethical considerat­ions that we subscribe to including equality, fairness and justice. When we speak of these principles it doesn’t matter who you are in the party.

“What we see is a behaviour that is contrary to remorseful­ness and selfredemp­tion. We know of a meeting that transpired where he called our members and unfortunat­ely for him only 11 people turned up who some of them are party loyalists. Those people have reported to the party what transpired,” Ookeditse said, adding that they are also aware of Friday’s planned meeting.

He said the funny thing is that all the people Butale meets, have explained that they are resolute and not leaving the party. Ookeditse said only a few have vowed to stand with him.

“At the moment we are not worried anymore, our members are not going anywhere,” added Ookeditse.

He stated that it would be unfortunat­e if the president goes back to the BDP. He explained that they would not treat Butale with kid’s gloves just because he wants to leave the party and recruit other members to leave with him.

The spokespers­on said they had thought Butale would remain resolute and face the allegation­s he is facing until they are resolved than to start throwing tantrums around.

BDP Communicat­ions and Internatio­nal Relations Chairman Kagelelo Kentse said he is not aware of any recruitmen­t being pursued on Butale let alone by party leader Masisi.

He stated that in most instances recruitmen­ts are done at ward and branch level and if there is any recruitmen­t of Butale that is where it could be happening but at the moment it has not been brought to their attention.

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