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Integrated Waste Management Policy approved

- Nicholas Mokwena BG reporter

Acting Minister of Environmen­t, Natural Resources Conservati­on and Tourism Machana Shamukuni says his ministry developed the Integrated Waste Management Policy together with a detailed implementa­tion strategy and Plan which was approved by Cabinet in April 2021.

Shamukuni revealed that the policy provides for conducive environmen­t that promotes waste recovery and recycling initiative­s through activities such as at source segregatio­n of waste which is in line with internatio­nal best practice. The Minister indicated that a policy is expected to be presented to Parliament for approval during the current sitting. “Integrated Waste Management Bill is also underway. Furthermor­e, the ministry on the 3rd June this year launched a pilot programme on waste segregatio­n at source within the Government Enclave involving seven ministries, and it is working together with local companies dealing with waste. The programme is supported by United Nations Developmen­t Programme ( UNDP) and will be rolled out to other ministries and other sectors,” Shamukuni told Parliament.

He stated that the ministry is planning to host a waste management Pitso when the COVID- 19 restrictio­ns have been eased, where the ministry will be engaging the wider stakeholde­rs on waste recycling, in particular emphasis on waste segregatio­n at source. He said that Botswana has an opportunit­y to recycle waste on a sustainabl­e basis if separation at source is improved and mainstream­ed in the ministry’s management system.

S h amu - kuni was responding to a question from MP for JwanengMab­utsane, Mephato Reatile who wanted the Minister to state progress regarding compliance with internatio­nal waste segregatio­n standards; and whether there is a budget or Department geared at waste management education for households and businesses.

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