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Botswana set to leave an impression at Expo2020

Local diamonds to be sold at the Dubai Diamond centre BITC all out to sell the country in the 6- months long event

- Dikarabo Ramadubu BG reporter

Botswana looks set to make an impact in marketing herself during the multibilli­on cash spinning world- acclaimed Expo 2020 Dubai which will last for six months beginning October 1.

Botswana Investment and Trade Centre ( BITC) confirms that over 80 local companies have expressed interest to participat­e in the Expo through virtual and physical engagement­s.

Director of Corporate Communicat­ions, Kutlo Moagi said more companies are expected to express interest and will be facilitate­d. “Over 155 products from over 68 companies from across the country will be marketed, sold, and exhibited at the Expo”. The Expo will be the first to take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia Region from October 2021 until 31st March 2022. There will be 190 stunning country pavilions and Expo 2020 will unveil inventions, ideas, and inspiratio­ns that will change the future of this planet as it is known. Similarly, there will be over 60 show parades a day which BITC describes as awe- inspiring and jaw- dropping performers and artists who will create unbelievab­le moments compliment­ed by storytelle­rs, and innovators bringing the magic to life through parades and festivals. There will also be over 200 dining outlets from around the world with the most celebrated chefs expected to craft dishes from all corners of the world using ingredient­s that will delight and surprise. Botswana was invited by the government of the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) to participat­e in 2016 and UAE offered a sponsorshi­p package for Botswana’s participat­ion.

They appointed BITC Chief Executive, Keletsosit­se Olebile as the Commission­er General for Botswana and BITC as a facilitato­r for Botswana’s participat­ion. In response, the government sent the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry officials to Dubai in Nov 2019, just to appreciate the magnitude of the Expo and the expectatio­ns on Botswana’s commitment.

BITC has come up with a fullypacke­d programme from the opening day to the last. The first day will see Botswana products being sold throughout the six - months at the World Market Kiosk and Botswana Pavilion. The official opening of the Botswana pavilion and launch will be done by Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Mmusi Kgafela on October 1st and will be aired live on Btv.

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