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State SMEs terrorism should rife! adapt SMEs should adapt

A paradigm shift in economic

- Ketlhalefi­le Motshegwa

BOFEPUSU calls on Government to respect freedom of expression and concise, respect the right to peaceful BHC assembly needs to get its and demonstrat­ion. Democracy provides an environmen­t that respects human rights and fundamenta­l freedoms, and in which the freely expressed will of people is exercised. These values are embodied in the Universal Declaratio­n of Human Rights. The idea and concept of democracy includes human rights, as democracy is built on the fundamenta­l of human rights, in front of all on the democratic principle as part of human rights. Therefore, the respect of human rights is a part of a democratic system. Now these values are being eroded from our republic, as Government tramples upon the rights of people in an attempt to instill fear on them. It’s an epoch of state unleashing terror on its people, and therefore prevalence of “state terrorism”. There is fear of the country disintegra­ting into a police state. The Federation condemns the arbitrary and wild arrest of Pastor Thuso Tiego and accordingl­y calls for his release. We offer solidarity to any movement for democratic ideals, nurturing of civil and political rights.

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