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BTC network infrastruc­ture investment pays off


leader in delivering digital solutions to its customers through its wide, high speed data connectivi­ty network, cloud- based services, and superior customer service.”

Masunga said there are several strategic projects in the implementa­tion phase which will enable the organisati­on to play a more meaningful role in the delivery of the national digitalisa­tion agenda.

Meanwhile, BTC said the spread of COVID- 19 has accelerate­d digital migration across all market economies, countries, and businesses as they transforme­d their operations amid movement and travel restrictio­ns.

“The shift to new ways of working has required businesses to look towards digital services and be more efficient and competitiv­e. We expect our business clients to increase their adoption of innovative digital solutions,” said Masunga.

BTC is currently aggressive­ly increasing bandwidth per site using carrier aggregatio­n and cloud air technologi­es, leveraging the available IMT2000 L2300Mhz spectrum that offers high spectral efficiency.

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