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Punah drops a single, ‘ Ga a site’ Jazz singer counsels fellow artists


Legendary Punah Gabasiane’s new offering, dubbed ‘ Ga a site’, just like many of her songs, has that unique vibe and rich in message. The title of the song is actually borrowed from an old adage ‘ Maano ga a site, go sita a loso’, loosely translated to, only death cannot be outwitted.

“This song was produced under the inspiratio­n of the current out turn of life due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. It is a song to remind humanity that not all is lost in the face of this scourge,” explains Punah Gabasiane.

She says through the song, she wishes to encourage her colleagues within the creatives industry that they should hang on and think outside the box while they wait for things to get back to normal.

The queen of jazz reminisces the good times on the stage and says two years straight without any performanc­e breaks them as artistes. However, she says they try to stay relevant by doing the little they can to remain relevant at their game. She is of the view that as musicians they play a bigger role in other people’s emotional wellbeing through their music.

“I have seen people at Jazz shows becoming emotional while listening and dancing to our songs, hence this new beautiful single to remind everyone to just hold on and not despair,” she says.

“I believe that it is worth looking deep and coming up with strategies and tactics for a stronger come back, because as musicians we are going to need to continue giving our fans our best when everything is back to normal,” she says, reiteratin­g that, this

Is a special dedicated to the creatives as their industry is one of the hardest hit due to the pandemic. “Ga a site is a beautiful reminder that there is hope for restoratio­n if we stand and come up with new or different ways of doing things in order to rise above or succeed and it took me a while to put this message together for my industry,” she adds.

The song was produced by Katlego

Ndlovu at Mantsie 585 Studios, while Kay Seetso is the backing vocalist. Punah Gabasiane notes that she has actually engaged so many creatives on this project because, as the industry, they see this period of the pandemic as time to unite, do collaborat­ions or work on an excellent project together. She adds that for Jazz music, perfection is highly recommende­d so that the song is balanced and pleasant to the listener’s ear. Kutlwano Ramolemana is a co- producer for this project, while Katlego Ndlovu is behind the piano for that real jazzy sound and the Second Keyboard is operated by Ditiro John Mangwegape ( Dtroy John) while the Lead guitarist is Tabona Maseko ( MsK). The Bassist for the song is Lereko Lesole; Kutlwano Ramolemana, the drummer and the

Executive Producer was Onalenna Molale.

Punah Gabasiane further tells BG Style that they have had so much time to introspect as musicians and aiming for an internatio­nal standard in their indoor rehearsals.

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