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Dimension Data improves ROUTE 73 Challenge


The sponsor of Dimension Data Route 73 (MTB) Challenge, Dimension Data Botswana has introduced a tracking device technology that will be used to track the cyclist on the route for the 6th edition of the cycling event slated for the 12th of August 2023 at Buruundi Private Lodge and Campsite, along A1 Road. This year’s event is termed ‘connected race’.

This technology will be the first of its kind to be used in Botswana for a cycling event and the first test was conducted on the 10th of June 2023 with a team of riders doing the loop, prior to the event. Towards the event, the racers will be able to analyse and detect the race kilometre by kilometre in order to know which areas require improvemen­t. Dimension Data Botswana has also sponsored the event with P350, 000.00, which goes to all the preparatio­ns and activities related to the event, including prize money for the various categories of the race winners. Speaking during the 6th edition race launch, the Managing Director of Dimension Data Botswana and Namibia, Onna Marumo said that Dimension Data Route 73 (MTB) Challenge is one of the biggest and toughest cycling races in Botswana and they are keen on delivering a spectacula­r event.

“This year we would like to transform and enhance the experience of the spectators by launching a connected race which would provide a data analysis to our Dimension Data route 73.

The spectators do not have to be running from one spot to another to know who is leading, they will be able to witness who are the leaders and actually follow the race from wherever they are,” she said. She said for the 73km race, Dimension Data Botswana will be placing a tracker under every bicycle that would track riders’ longitudes and latitudes and they can be able to calculate their speed, able to follow them throughout the race and understand where they are, who is leading or struggling. “Through that we can then take the analysis through the various connectivi­ty options that we will be providing as Dimension Data and present it to multiple media forums and videos that we will be presenting during the day, we will be able to provide media houses with content for their commentary, not just the times of the start and end but things like which road is expected to be difficult for certain riders, which area is everyone expected to accelerate,” Marumo noted.

Furthermor­e, Marumo said the event is a testament of incredible partnershi­p that we have with Cycle For Life Cycling club. “As Dimension Data, the one thing that we do with our clients in our communitie­s and our partners in general, we believe that we can use technology to make a difference; it can actually make an impact, our purpose as Dimension Data is to enable a connected future,” she stated.

Dimension Data Route 73 6th edition Race Coordinato­r,

Geoffrey Mmuso Phonchi says this is the toughest MTB Challenge because there’s nothing like it in Botswana and in the past 7 to 8 years, it has been thronged by multitudes locally with a number of internatio­nal competitor­s taking part in the past. “We make it tough, on purpose, because we select very interestin­g routes and terrain; we’ve had past winners from South Africa. There are interestin­g hills, terrain around Bokaa dam and many more and this year our main sponsors have introduced a tracking event for spectators to enjoy the race wherever they are,” he said.

He said that the registrati­on details will be shared under different race categories, Kiddie’s and Cooperate event, fun ride, juniors, under 23, elite cyclist, veterans, masters, grand masters, for both male and female cyclist.

“Registrati­on fees for the main race, 73km is P500.00, P300.00 for 54km, 30KM for corporate is P1, 000.00, P200.00 for fun run in 30km and P100.00 for kiddie’s event,” he mentioned.

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