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Dear Sun Doc

What is a cyst and how does it develop?Please shed light on this.

Dear reader,

A cyst is an abnormal pocket of fluid or semi-solid material that can form anywhere in the body including the skin, brain, bones and internal organs. Most cysts are non-cancerous and may vary from very small in size to very large, and sometimes may be painful. It may also cause a swelling or a lump. Cysts do not usually cause problems unless they are very large, or they are infected, or they are pressing on a nerve or a blood vessel or if they are affecting how an organ works or if they are cancerous.

A cyst may form as a result of an injury, or due to blockage of a duct or passage; or because of a problem with the body tissue in a particular area, or due to infection with a parasite. It may also be as a result of genetic changes or due to inflammati­on. Rarely, a cyst will be cancerous. All abnormal lumps in the body should be examined, including cysts. Depending on the location, the contents and the symptoms, the cyst may be left untouched, or it may be surgically removed. After removal, the contents are examined for cancer and any identifiab­le cause such as an infection.

Sometimes cysts may develop complicati­ons like pain, infection, bleeding and inflammati­on of surroundin­g tissues in case they rupture.

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