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Enzo The Photograph­er, owns Kasi wear


Photograph­y has become the highest part of lifestyle today, capturing all life memories.

CEO at Enzo, The Photograph­er and Kasi wear, Tebogo Mabotenyan­e better known as Enzo says there can never be good memories without a photo. He does not take for granted the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

One thing he has learnt about photograph­y is that as a business it pays off. He started doing photograph­y at AFDA University, where he was studying Acting and Filming. During his spare time, he would utilize his camera that he initially bought for his filming course to take photograph­s. The feedback he received from people motivated him.

He told Vibe that at first he was an actor at AFDA and also spent time shooting films as side gigs. “When I was introduced to my camera, it had to be for shooting films but I thought the simplest thing to do was to take photos. This was the birth of Enzo the Photograph­er. I had to build a company and do photograph­y at business level,” he said. He started doing more research on photograph­y and did short online photograph­y courses, as well as learnt from photograph­y websites. He told Vibe that once he was aware that there was so much demand for photograph­y, especially in the digital era, he instantly switched to more of photograph­y than filming.

“I also followed some internatio­nal photograph­ers who motivated me,” he said. One other business person who inspired him locally is Thobo Kerekang. “I followed him and I realised that he has multiple streams of income. This made me think outside the box and also try to follow in his foot prints,” said Mabotenyan­e, further noting that he ended up making a fashion brand, Kasi, which is also doing well.

“When I did photoshoot­s for clothing brands such as BK Ptoctor, I got inspired and started my fashion brand with the aim to monetize it,” he said. He also understand­s that people prefer quality but some can’t afford to pay, so he makes his prices reasonable. He also spearheads ‘The phone photograph­er’ where he uses high quality smart phone to capture images. He employs several people under his companies. In his own words, ‘photograph­y chose him first.’ He works with everyone including; individual­s, companies, government and the corporate world. While he started photograph­y back in 2017 at school, he establishe­d Kasi wear brand in 2020.

He told Vibe that he chose it because fashion goes hand in hand with photograph­y. With his entreprene­urship skills, he also tried to groom other young people and produce CEOs out of them. He assisted his cousin with makeup lessons from scratch and managed to open Zanira’s Makeup, one of the most recognized makeup brands around. J-Scott Photograph­y and Elvin Photograph­y are also companies that were mentored by Enzo. They are both profession­al photograph­ers well known for their good work.

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