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One stop lifestyle beauty spa

Hair, nails, skin under one roof


Ms Jay Beauty Care is a one stop beauty corner aimed at rejuvenati­ng skin and meeting all beauty needs.

This unique beauty spa located at Remmogo Crossing Mall has a particular focus on beauty care and focuses on skin care products, aesthetic facials, as well as laser facials. They operate under the slogan ‘Road to clear skin’ and use their skin care line products.

Director and owner of Ms Jay Beauty Care, Judith Joseph told Vibe that through their beauty care skin range, they aim at delivering the best and live up to their slogan, ‘Road to clear skin.’ “We focus and deliver on the top notch treatments,” she said. Besides skin care, they also do warts removal, normal beauty treatments such as pedicure, manicure and massages.

This spa is an establishm­ent based on experience and qualificat­ion on skin care, according to Joseph. She noted that they do aesthetic care facial, laser facials, something that she had to get qualified to do and ensure she brings out good results. She has done Master classes in Advanced micro needling, skin rejuvenati­on or skin care, as well as learning about needles and blood borne pathogens.

She joined the beauty industry in 2017 and started off with a beauty salon called JJ’s Beauty Salon when she was still working for a local bank. It only focused on hair. Her passion for skin care started after she found suitable products for her acne prone skin that troubled her back then. In 2018 she added a beauty spa and ordered beauty products from South Africa for their facial treatments.

They first operated from North Gate mall and then moved to Riverwalk where they never got a chance to operate due to Covid after spending money on renovation­s but had to shud down because of lockdowns. This is when the concept of Ms Jay Beauty care was born as she thought of incorporat­ing products into her business. “Growing up, I was bothered by acne, when I found a solution to my skin problem, I shared it and made it a business through my products that are exclusivel­y made by a team of scientists and dermatolog­ists,” she said.

She started introducin­g a range of her products in 2021, with the brightenin­g soap only. Currently, she has six products in her range, the brightenin­g soap, brightenin­g serum, salicylic acid serum, vitamin c cream, vitamin c serum and the brand new Hyaluronic Acid Serum, mainly used for rehydratin­g and helping the skin to glow. Other key benefits include deep hydrating, repair barrier and naturally lifting of the skin.

So far the main treatment that most people come for at Ms Jay Beauty Care is the Micro needling treatment (Collagen induction therapy) which she says most people come for it even from outside Gaborone. This is a 35 to 45 minutes treatment. They also do permanent makeup; and ombre browsing. Joseph said that most people complain about pigmentati­on and she encouraged everyone to use sun screen at all times because most of the time, it’s the environmen­t or the heat in Botswana that exposes people to facial pigmentati­on.

They have a three-in-one skin analysing machine that scans the outer and inner skin problems, as well as recommend treatment. They have special rooms for their treatments including, micro laser treatment room and a lipo laser room, as well as a pedicure and manicure station.

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