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Galaxy dances


Galaxy was on another level, delivering a clinical performanc­e while on the other hand, Vipers was a worthy adversary who put up a tough fight. Ramoreboli’s Boys were an oiled machine, the whole team was clicking, moving with precision and purpose. It was a master class performanc­e.

The coach was beaming after the match, exuding pride and joy as he reflected on the team’s performanc­e. When asked about the impact of his new top signings, Goitseone Phoko and Omaatla Kebatho, he responded with glowing praise.

“They fit into the squad like they were made for it,” he said with a grin. “Phoko was impenetrab­le in goal, and Kebatho was an unstoppabl­e force on the attack. I couldn’t be happier with their performanc­e, they have experience that we need,” he stated.

Ramoreboli made it clear that they weren’t going to get complacent despite their advantage. He emphasized that the team would continue to prepare diligently and give it their all in the match in Uganda.

“We’re not taking anything for granted. We want to go further in this tournament, and that means winning in Uganda. We know it won’t be easy, but we’re not backing down. Every chance we get, we’re gonna seize it,” he stated.

All eyes will be on the match in Uganda, where Vipers will undoubtedl­y feed off the energy of their home crowd and put up a fierce fight. But Jwaneng Galaxy will be gunning for the win with the same intensity they showed in the first leg.

It is going to be a heated battle, with both teams showing their mettle on the pitch like they did in Lobatse.

The future looks bright for Jwaneng Galaxy, as they appear poised to dominate the upcoming Botswana Football League. Their recent acquisitio­n of one of the nation’s most talented players having a highly esteemed coach combined with the fact that their fan base is growing stronger bodes well for their prospects in the upcoming season.

What really stood out during the match in Lobatse was the sheer enthusiasm of the Jwaneng Galaxy fans. They kept the spirit alive from start to finish, and even after the final whistle blew, they were still belting out tunes and keeping the energy high. The atmosphere was electric and their passion was infectious.

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