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Boago Modiisane: visual system and in the prevention of eye disease and injury. The ophthalmol­ogist is the medically trained specialist who can deliver total eye care: primary, secondary, and tertiary care services (i.e. vision services, contact lenses, e


Pit can lead to the transfer of harmful bacteria that of the visual systems. Primary contribute to gum disease. For example, activities careeorpit­oodmoetnry­taislcdomi­speleatese­y,eaalnsdo known as gum like kissing, sharing utensils, or using the same vision care that highlights the importancd­eiosfeoaps­teom, eitsryainp­perresvein­sttieonn,t inflammato­ry cup can potentiall­y pass these harmful bacteria healcthoen­dducitaiti­on, htehaaltht pirmompoat­icotns, thBeoagouM­moditisias­nseue from one person to another,” she said. According cmtauinrte­nsasnucep,dpiaogrnto­isnis,gtrteeate- th. It’s triggered to Tiyapo, lifestyle and habits of partners also ment and rehabilita­tion, counseling, On a day-to-day basis, I am tak- or eye inflammati­on.

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LENGES BATSWANA ARE FACED profession­als who provide vision care lenses; we prescribe medication­s

OPTI-causing damage to these tissues over time. oral hygiene

WITH practices IN RELATION like TO irregular EYE CARE? brushing, through refraction and dispensing of that treat certain eye-health conditions.

While anyone can develop periodonta­l If there’s disease an eye inifnecftr­ioenqourea­nt fWloHsAsTi­nCgON, CoErRNraSr­DeO dMeOnStTaO­l Fcheck-ups, optical aids such as spectacles.

injury, we are doing minor surgical entist Bontle Tiyapo, says that couples face a they are morYeOpUrR­oPnAeTItEo­NThSaPvRin­ESgEgNuTm? disease. This WHAT DOES YOUR JOB ENTAIL? procedures, as well as prescribin­g Major challenges that Batswana risk of sharing this condition. One of the raises the chances of passing it on to their partner

medication­s to correct eye infections are faced with are blindness and main pathways for the disease to spread between since the disease-causing bacteria can easily partners is through the swapping of saliva. spread through close contact. It’s important to

“Saliva carries a significan­t amount of bacteria understand that while the risk of gum disease in the mouth. When shared between two people, transmissi­on between partners is relatively high, it’s not inevitable. Couples can take specific steps to lower the risk of passing the disease to each other. Like maintainin­g good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing routinely, using mouthwash, and regularly visiting the dentist for profession­al cleanings can diminish the presence of harmful bacteria in the mouth and deter the onset of periodonta­l disease”. By adopting these precaution­s, she says, couples can safeguard themselves and their partners from the potential negative effects of gum disease. “Sound oral hygiene is not only crucial for individual health but also for the wellbeing of our loved ones.Caring for our teeth and gums helps minimize the chance of transmitti­ng gum disease and promotes a healthier, happier life for all involved”.

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