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Certain Jobs Linked to Higher Ovarian Cancer Risk in WomWeAnYS TO IMPROVE YOUR NUTRITION A BUDGET


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kept in an organised manner to keep it Repurpose food where possible materials are not expensive making them from going bad. According to Monthe, throwing away

of developing ovarian cancer in cancer risk, as not many studies have affordable for all. pigments, cellulose, formaldehy­de,

She advises that a first in-first out food whether cooked or uncooked is never

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materials tend to be more expensive “Fresh groceries should be kept behind creative ways to make it reusable. For

in roles like hairdressi­ng, account- lyzed the job histories of 491 women and various other compounds.

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at packaging may not be that expensive,” on the top shelf and sealed raw meat and Also, leafy vegetables and some root risk of this type of cancer. the connection between 29 common exposure to one specific substance

she says. fish on the bottom shelf to avoid dripping,” foods such as sweet potatoes can be A population-based study published workplace substances­sheasnhdar­ecsa. ncer risk. or a combidnria­etdioannd omfadtehie­ntmo ploewddetr­othatthcea­n be in Occupation­al and EnviroPnur­mchaesne tinallarge quanTtithi­ees results showed that women

Physical preservati­on may increased also be rciosnks.uAmedddais­tipoasntea.lTlyo,mtahtoeess­tcuandayls­o be Buying in large quantities,she says will applied in cases where the refrigerat­or is preserved as tomato paste. Medicine analysed the lifetime oc- working as hairdresse­rs, barbers, found that profession­al nurses and ng for children (Part 2) cupational histories of women with beautician­s, or in related jobs for a educators might have a lower risk of and without cancer to determine if decade or more had three times the ovarian cancer. certain occupation­s raise the risk of risk of ovarian cancer. Accountant­s While the results hint at potential ovarian cancer. with a decade or more of experience connection­s between certain occupation­s

In 2023, it’s estimated that around faced double the risk, and those in and ovarian cancer risk, the 20,000 women will receive an ovarian constructi­on had triple the risk. Longterm study’s authors highlight that these cancer diagnosis. Commonly known employment in clothing-related

I have noted a lot of mothers being breastfeed my baby if I have findings have limited implicatio­ns risk factors include getting aoplpdreeh­re,nhsiavve -about gseetctint­og rthse, includCion­rognaevimr­usb?rOor itdheerrey­is, nreaeidste­od and more research is needed to fully ing a family history of ovarCiaOnV­IDc-1a9nVcaecc­ri,ne featrhineg trhiesekff­ebcyts85%se.parate the baby until I recovery? understand these relationsh­ips. on it on their babies. Can the vaccine be excreted in breast milk? If yes, what effect can it have on the baby?

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