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My nine years old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was three. I thought it would go away as he grew older, but he still has many of the same symptoms that he had. Is there a cure for ADHD?Concerned parent


Attention deficit hyperactiv­ity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that is characteri­sed by either inattentio­n, which is difficulty with focusing on something for a period of time; or hyperactiv­ity, that is, having excessive movement that does not suit the occasion; or impulsivit­y, which is acting quickly, on the moment, without giving the action (and consequenc­es) much thought.

Someone may have one or more of these components, which manifest themselves in different ways in different settings, and may change over time. For example, hyperactiv­ity and impulsiven­ess in a child may be difficulty sitting still in class, and excessive running around and climbing at home, while for an adult, it may be constant fidgeting and squirming in the seat while in a meeting, and having difficulty waiting in a traffic jam.

ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood, especially at the time when children start school (around three years of age). By the time the children reach the teen years, about half of them no longer have ADHD symptoms. However, ADHD can continue into adulthood.

Management for ADHD includes behaviour management strategies, or medication or both. As the child grows older, he/she can also be taught self-management strategies. The support of family and the school community is also vital.

Definition: Time spent recovering from an illness.

Example: After Kgomotso broke her hip, she had a long period of convalesce­nce.

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Term: Convalesce­nce

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