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DJ Gosso BW dreams big


Onkeme Nthokgo, better known as DJ Gosso BW is a deep house DJ with greater ambitions.

The Bokaa born and raised DJ’s journey into the Disc Jockey world was inspired by his love for music. He is now a resident DJ for different bars and lounges, and tells Vibe that he plays different genres although he is known to be a deep house DJ.

“I used to listen to Dj Fresh and All Soulcandy crew, back then. In 2010, I followed my heart and started deejaying with my fellow

Dj Deep Questoh who is also from Bokaa. We used to play together at the same time whenever we were booked for an event, for the one on one sessions,” he said.

DJ Gosso BW further told Vibe that he is able to play different genres because he has been a resident DJ for different bars and lounges for a long time. “In order to be a Resident DJ, you have to cater for all clients at a certain event, or bar or lounge in my case. So I have been a resident DJ at Dira Pub in Bokaa, Bakwena Bar in Kopong, Kodijong Pub and Grill in Bokaa and now I’m a resident DJ at A12 Lounge in Metsimotlh­abe where I perform every weekend starting from Thursday until Sunday,” he shared.

He is already preparing for the independen­ce festivitie­s and told Vibe that he is ready to serve and present his DJ skills across the country. DJ Gosso BW’s lineup for independen­ce includes; A12 Lounge where he would be the Host DJ and on September 30th, he will be in Kopong at Two Nine Farm at the Green carpet ‘Basiko Cutural Festival’. The theme for this year’s event is cultural wear.

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DJ Gosso BW

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