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Modirwa publishes poetry


Local author, Phodiso Modirwa’s newly released poetry book interrogat­es themes of fatherhood, religion, mental health, identity and the possibilit­y of language.

This read is very much parallel to Modirwa’s life experience­s. Having grown up as a Christian, he narrated that it has been interestin­g to look back at scriptures and the fundamenta­ls he has been taught. “I really just wanted to write our own stories, featuring our everyday living,” he explained. This is his first chapbook ever and he is happy to share that it has been selected by the African Poetry Book Fund and Akashic Books and published as part of the New Generation African Poets Box Set.

“I cannot overemphas­ize the encouragem­ent that this has given me to keep doing what I do. I believe that writing is an art through which we express ourselves and pass a lesson onto others,” he said, emphasizin­g that being recognized on his first published work means a lot to him. The chapbook was published in July this year as part of the New Generation African Poets Box Set: Tisa. The 11 poets included in this box set were Modirwa, Samuel A. Adeyemi, Nikitta Dede Adjirakor, O-Jeremiah Agbaakin, Rabha Ashry, Jakky Bankong-Obi, Hazem Fahmy, Alain Jules Hirwa, Jay Kophy, Tawiah Naana Akua Mensah, and Nneoma Veronica Nwogu.

This book was published by Akashic Books, NY, USA. It can be read by both young people and the adults. Modirwa hopes that the book reaches as many people as possible and encourages them to write their own stories and read material that reflects and represents them as well. He reiterated that reading and writing is very important and directly informs people to better their lives.

“The cover is by an amazing Nigerian artist, Victor Ekpuk, whose work I have also fallen in love with,” shared Modirwa. The book was successful­ly launched recently on August 12th at the Art Residency Centre in Gaborone.

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