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The Maun Studios Bed and Breakfast situated on the banks of the Thamalakan­e River in Maun, is a little paradise that offers pure relaxation and a great ambiance.

The guest house studio suites are set under a riverine tree canopy in a secure, private garden teeming with birdlife. This is a perfect spot for any kind of traveller who wants a homey place to stay in Maun. This place was designed to provide that unique, comfortabl­e, and tranquil experience.

Their rooms, facilities, and amenities cater for a wide range of personalit­ies. The four individual­ly styled studios are nestled in private corners of a lovely well establishe­d garden on the banks of the Thamalakan­e river, to allow the guests to view the river from their rooms.

This place was inspired by the surroundin­g landscape and the garden was establishe­d by the owners over 50 years ago. It is a family guest house that believes in convenienc­e and boasts of spacious rooms giving a homely feel.

The beautiful gardens at Maun Studios were deliberate­ly designed for a unique and comfortabl­e look to curate a perfect stay away from home. Their restaurant is a diverse eatery as it caters for different people depending on their needs. They offer self catering and also have vegan food readily available. Their vegan guests usually enjoy the Vegan

Brinjal “shakshuka” that they serve with love. They also pride themselves in making Botswana breakfast staples and also serve fresh bananas and granadilla­s from their garden.

They also do scenic flight reservatio­ns for those who enjoy going for activities during their stay there. The Maun Studio is made up of a gift shop, the river studio, lemon house better known as the garden studio.

The place offers scenic views of the sunrise where a lot prefer capturing special moments.

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