Loved-up mar­riage wrecker fined P20,000


SAUCY pic­tures of her ex­posed breast as she lay half-naked in bed with an­other woman’s hus­band proved the fi­nal nail in the mar­riage wreck­ing case against Bait­shepi Sentsima.

Al­though the 35-year-old in­sisted she had no idea her lover was mar­ried, Mo­godit­shane Cus­tom­ary Court found her guilty of ru­in­ing Twice Na­tal’s mar­riage.

Telling court Sentsima has been liv­ing with her hus­band, Na­tal Maemo Na­tal, 47, for al­most a year, Twice said she caught the cou­ple red-handed back in Au­gust.

“She has taken my hus­band and they are stay­ing to­gether in a rented house in Mo­godit­shane. She even rudely comes to my place with him. I re­ported to my in-laws and they called my hus­band. He con­fessed that in­deed he is in love with Sentsima. I con­fronted her sev­eral times and she kept on promis­ing to end the re­la­tion­ship but failed to do so.”

The scorned wife then pro­duced damn­ing ev­i­dence to prove her case.

An ex­plicit ‘selfie’ of the lovers kiss­ing pas­sion­ately in bed, both bare-chested, their eyes closed in bliss­ful plea­sure, was dif­fi­cult for the ac­cused to dis­pute.

In­deed, Sentsima, of Dit­sheg­wane vil­lage, did not try to deny the af­fair.

In­stead, she ad­mit­ted to be­ing in love with Na­tal, claim­ing he told her Twice was just a jeal­ous for­mer girl­friend.

“I met Mr Na­tal in Fe­bru­ary 2019. He was look­ing for a girl­friend and, as a woman with­out a boyfriend, I fell in love with him. He told me he had three chil­dren with a lady called Magi from Mau­nat­lala and was stay­ing with them in


“He is un­em­ployed, dis­abled and needs crutches to walk but I don’t care, I love him!” she main­tained boldly, her eyes blazing de­fi­antly as she tes­ti­fied be­fore the tra­di­tional court.

The court fur­ther heard that when­ever Na­tal’s chil­dren did not have money for trans­port to school, he would ask Sentsima for as­sis­tance and she hap­pily gave him cash.

Ac­cord­ing to Sentsima, she re­ceived a call from Twice back in De­cem­ber 2019 warn­ing her to stay away from Na­tal.

The curvy woman also

quoted in­sult­ing text mes­sages she claimed Twice had sent her.

“I once re­ceived a mes­sage say­ing, “O tla nnye** wena o mo­son*! O iphitlhe fela jalo tlhe mma, tsatsi leno ke batla po­lice etla, its ei­ther go swa nna kapa wena, your vagina, keep on hid­ing! (Today I want the po­lice to come, its ei­ther you die or I die!)”

An­other mes­sage read, “You bitch! You in­her­ited it from your mother, you stupid peo­ple who like tak­ing other peo­ple’s hus­bands. I can­not take you to tra­di­tional doc­tors. I will only use my hands to deal with you. I am go­ing to spend the night in

that yard, so call the po­lice and tell them that I broke into your house!”

Sentsima ex­plained that al­though she felt threat­ened, she never re­ported the in­sults be­cause Na­tal per­suaded her not to.

“He told me to ig­nore them and that she was not his wife but in fact a jeal­ous ex who dumped p him af­ter he lost his job!” !”

The dis­pute eve­nen­tu­ally landed be­fore re the po­lice af­ter Twice al­legedly smashed the win­dows of her love ri­val’s rented house.

Un­wit­tingly seal­ing her daugh­ter’s fate, Om­mone Sentsima told court her daugh­ter was in­deed ed Na­tal’s girl­friend.

Wrapped in a shawl awl as if at­tend­ing a fu­neral, eral Om­mone re­vealed Sentsima once told her an­other woman broke into her house claim­ing to be Na­tal’s wife.

Pre­sid­ing over the case, Chief Tswina Mochudi gently re­buked the old lady for not cor­rect­ing her daugh­ter af­ter learn­ing she was wreck­ing some­one’s mar­riage.

The Chief rea­soned that as they both shared the same sur­name, it should have been ob­vi­ous they were mar­ried. Twice had ini­tially de­manded P85,000 or 20 cows from Sentsima for ru­in­ing her mar­riage. She later re­lented and agreed to P20,000 or eight g cows. How How­ever, her ‘gen­eros­ity os­ity’ stopped there and she flatly re­fus fused to en­ter­tain S Sentsima’s req quest for for­give­ness. The mar­riage wrecker, who pas­sion­ately main­tained her in­no­cence, had asked court to seek for­give­ness on her be­half, not­ing she would strug­gle to pay the fine as she re­cently lost her job due to ill­ness. She was given un­til the end of Jan­uary to pay the charges. The love-struck woman will at least have Na­tal’s help to fork out the fine as the ag­ing lothario has sep­a­rated from his wife and, de­spite his ear­lier de­ceit, is still with Sentsima.

An ex­plicit ‘selfie’ of the lovers kiss­ing pas­sion­ately in bed, both bare-chested, their eyes closed in bliss­ful plea­sure, was dif­fi­cult for the ac­cused to dis­pute


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